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Re: 3 Years & Growing

by MLMJack » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:35 am

SMLR wrote:
Mr. Jack - If I had a dime for every time someone said "this isn't you" I could pre-pay most MLM's initial fees and the max auto ship for 2 years. (lol)

You are from the New York area, correct? Are you familiar with Lionel on WPIX He has become a friend over the last 5 years, he knows me, personally and yes at age 10-11 he would accuse me of being older. Although our viewpoints are opposed on so many levels, there is a true affinity in our relationship. On the forum here, Mr. Bob Kononiuk could verify I am 16. Also, in the next week or so, my best friend Zack Clark and I will be driving to Orlando to meet with Mr. Donald Gadson, Jr (donaldG on the forum) to pick his brain in a lunch meeting in July (two weeks).

I am not a unique 16 year old, just a little more "thirsty" then some. I can't remember if it is Plato and Socrates, where Socrates held Plato underwater as Plato struggled to not drown, when Socrates let him up, he told Plato that "You must desire knowledge as much as you desire air". Believe it or not, many 13-17 year olds have a desire to learn, there's just no one that wants to teach or train they merge into the "common place" of society, thinking M-TV life is the norm. ( a scary thought). Even worse are the immensely sheltered, home-schooled Christian Kids in my generation that regurgitate unquestioned traditions, most not understanding that Jesus "accepted people where they were at, not where he wanted them to be", instead it seems they follow the course of mindless, "righteous indignation".

OK, I'm off the pulpit.....

Mr. Jack, I'll be in the New York area when they put the Christmas tree up in Rockefeller Center, let's have lunch!

Best regards,


OK Sean, you convinced me ...UR 16.

Now, hush your mouth ...I'm not from NY but PITTSBURGH 8-)
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