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Zooki.Biz Worldwide Opportunity

by TeenBizBuilder » Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:53 pm

The Zooki Biz Opportunity has a Brand New Pay Program Guaranteed to be like nothing you have ever seen before.

The Founder Danny Levie, has been involved with several MLM and Networking Companies for over 35 years consistently ranking in the Top 5% in most of the programs. Danny never had a problem building sizable organizations within reputable companies, but he has always had a problem with the few people at the top always getting the majority of the profits. After 6 years in the making and over $500,000.00 using his own money, the Zooki Biz Plan is about ready to Officially Launch.
The Zooki Movement has the ability to change several industries with a powerful new pay program where "Everyone" can share in the company wide profits partially being generated from this powerful GPS generated App. This feature alone has the potential to change how we all shop both online and offline and reward you for your efforts. Imagine two companies competing for your business in real time. The winner gets your business and you get the best deal imaginable.

Zooki is in Pre-Launch Phase with Major News expected at the end of this Month. There was a soft launch held earlier this year but Danny chose to hold off on the Official Launch until more of the added features were completed.

Building the biggest online opportunity is not Danny's major goal (that will happen soon enough) but building the Very Best Opportunity that has "Real Value" for anyone with a smart phone is. He is building this entire worldwide program for the long run as you can clearly see inside the custom back office.

How much does it cost to sign up and secure your position on the ground floor?

There is LOT'S of information and Videos on how this entire program will unfold in the near future. I will cover the basic's here and if there is interest in this thread, I will be glad to help answer your questions.

The bottom line is you can join right now for Free.

There is no financial obligation and the signup form is as basic as it gets. You can start building your organization and never spend a penny until you are Already in Profit. You will never lose your position if you revert back to a free member and you will always retain your position within the world wide bonus pools.

There is at least 12 countries that already are legal to participate including the USA. Several thousands of dollars has already been spent to insure everything is on the up and up.

Breakdown of 6 Revenue Sharing Pools for Active Members besides your Personal Enrollment Bonus:

- Enroller Up line Bonus
- 3 and 5 Enroller Bonus
- Zooki World Timeline Bonus
- Zooki World Revenue Sharing Pools
- Zooki World Business Bonus
- Founders Circle Bonus

There is a video for each Bonus Pool listed above located in the back office that goes into detail.

Other ways to Make Money with the Zooki Opportunity.

If you own a business (any business) you are going to be very interested in what Zooki Worldwide Network can do for you. The Zooki App will have the power to pull people off the streets and into your store. If you have a website with a special deal for our members, you’re really going to love the Power of Zooki.

The cost for any Business to Advertise in the Zooki Worldwide Directory will only be $20 per month. There are No hidden fees or no add-ons for all its features, just a flat $20 per month period. Think Groupon on steroids and your Facebook "likes" where you get to share in the profits this time around.

It's a Great Opportunity with minimal risk (nothing) that really does have lots of potential to grow into something Big!
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Re: Zooki.Biz Worldwide Opportunity

by livefree » Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:45 am

I use sillier named companies everyday.
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