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World Ventures new and improved booking site

by Kryp2knight » Sat Jul 22, 2006 8:44 pm

World Ventures has totally redone the booking sites. It is much more user friendly than it was.

There is also some added features where they have placed links that could be helpful to travelers.

The links are for

Live Chat (Chat with an agent once you have your tracking number to make special requests - Non-Smoking, King Bed, Early Check-in, etc...)
Weather (
Airport Tools ( Check Flight delay information
Passport and other information ( Dept. of State website) Passport requirements, Currency exchange, Travel Warnings, Absentee Voting

If you have a moment venture over and give it a spin and let me know what your feelings are about the site.

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Re: World Ventures new and improved booking site

by travelshepherd » Sun Jul 23, 2006 12:39 am

Hey Scott!

Thanks for the heads up on this new roll out! I was not sure when they were going to flip the switch on this myself.

I expect to hear more on the earnvactions site from my group on Tuesday. If you hear anything first let me know.

I am excited about all the progressive changes the leaders continue to make. I really feel like this is a company that listens and puts into action the positive suggestions of their reps.


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Re: World Ventures new and improved booking site

by Mike_Michelozzi » Mon Jul 24, 2006 2:05 am

Krypt2Knight - your thread is a good example of the right kind of thread to post here by definition AND if someone were to post a link to theirs to show a differentiation - a different way of doing something similiar that would not be spam - that would b opening the door to a discussion - "Discussions of companies and business tools are appropriate when it involves the innovations, and how they differentiate themselves." -- Forum Rules

What you and Deb totally miss on the other thread where she yells that people are talking about me and you jump to her defense is that this side is supposed to be discussion - not just one person posting one long advertisment for their company.

When I have in a good natured way replied with a link or copy about Reliv it was to open a discussion of differentiation INVITING others to do the same - BUT some people here call that spam either because they don't get it - don't want to get it - and want long advertising threads.

A discussion could be lots of amego people on one thread discussing their tools and how they differentiat themselves or/and people from other companies saying, well, okay, you have this for total body health and weight loss and we have this - WOW! democracy and free enterprise so everyone can compare and contrast.

Hey - maybe people after all want their own little totalitarian forum - you don't strike me as an unreasonable person kript!

Anyway, your post is the kind that opens the door to discussion as this part of the forum is supposed to be about.

The best to you.

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Re: World Ventures new and improved booking site

by Kryp2knight » Mon Jul 24, 2006 4:47 am

Mike my post was not to come to Deb's defense. My post was not to kick you while others had you down.

My post WAS from my point of view. I know you are a long standing member if this community. And I wouldn't want you to not be apart of it.

I can see some valid points Mike, but I also see some points (from others ) that I am not sure you do. I can't really say because I'm not you.

I appreciate that you are calling my post out as an example of the way it should be done. (At least I hope that is what you are doing. I admit I was raised a Hillbilly and sometimes your posts take me a while to get. [:">] I'm a simple man that don't use too many large words....Plus I am originally from Texas and that doesn't help much ) All I was wanting to do is let people know that our booking website has become more user friendly in case some of you have looked at Carla's or my booking website in the past.

But I would have to say that I think it would be better (my preference) to start another thread and post a link there and compare your travel site and what it does instead of piggybacking a thread already started since this was more of a bulletin type post anyway.

Now if I am posting a thread just like I did here about the "World Ventures new and improved booking site" and you were to post something about Reliv I would take that as tacky and uncalled for because this thread is about travel and not the wellness industry, they are not comparable in product.

The booking site is World Ventures "product" and Reliv (to my knowledge) does not have a travel product. So I wouldn't know why you would post anything Reliv on my thread....which you haven't....yet [;)] [:p]

Being that I am in the minority (non-wellness industry) I don't usually have to much to add to the wellness threads. But I would not feel comfortable posting my World Ventures link in the middle of an Amigo, Reliv,Limu,Noni, Xango, etc... thread either. My travel business would not belong in a thread started by any of the above companies.

If I did (que the song from Sesame Street "One thing is not like the others") it would be out of place. Just like if a group of people were having a conversation about Football and I interrupted them to mention Badminton. What does Badminton have to do with a Football conversation?

I would only suggest that next time someone posts something and you have a link to compare, Start a new thread singling out the two companies (Reliv & XYZ company) I think this will actually benefit what you are wanting to do...Compare and discuss the differences

You would be isolating the two companies for comparison at the top instead of it being in the body of the thread and create a tension

One thing I admire about you Mike is that you stick to your guns, good or bad.

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