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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by rhondap » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:26 pm

Steve_Fazia wrote:
rhondap wrote:I am with The Wellness Company....they promote safe products for your home and body. Stable company with a high % of customer repurchase/retention.

Hi Rhonda,

Is Melaleuca a new home for you, or a company you've been with all along and just not promoted? I was with M back in the early 90s and still use some of their products! Best of success to you....



It is a new home for me after much research it was a no brainer. I had friends that promoted Mela and the products but I never considered it at the time...I am older now and wiser and it all makes sense.

You still using some of the products since the 90's was one of the reasons the decision was an easy one to make for me just like I have had a PPL (LegalShield) membership since 1999. :)

Thank you.
Rhonda Peterson
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by JoeJurk » Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:32 am

My name is Doug and i am an active affiliate with Jerky Direct. This company relaunched October 2016 after being in the industry for 12 years. A distributor bought the company and built an all new website with new jerky suppliers. I paid $45 so i could be a founding member with the new Jerky Direct. The non-commississionable cost now is only $15.95 your first year in business then $14 your second year and beyond. This cost is only to be an affiliate. To qualify for commission you just need to buy or sell 1 twin pack of beef jerky once a month. So for just under $40.00 this opportunity is a good start for anyone. :mrgreen:
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by TuptAccoupt » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:36 am

Personally i feel choosing the right MLM company and product is very important. I have joined several MLM company that closes shop within years.
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by HELOJames » Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:26 pm

1st post ever in this forum site so.... be gentle, lol.

While I am not a traditional MLM'rrr, I have owned business's for nearly 20 years, fair amount applies across industries, this thread caught my eye as a really decent one probably put out by a real pro given the no links and just good point and direction of it, as well as many involved in the banter.

While I havn't read every page, come on it's like a dozen pages long now, I did read and scan a fair amount and I am rather shocked that I think I may be the first to speak of and be with Wor(l)d Global Network. This can't be true... is it??? I mean.... I know I am "early to the show" on this track but.... I really thought persons here would have some way some how known of this before I.

Ok, to the point.

MLM's kinda have a similar "schpeal" right. (hey, just being honest here).
So, myself, never ever did MLM's, except tried founding one when Apple was opening the app store, concept never came together, we dumped it before opening or anything, idea never proved. Other than that, pure businessman, 20 years and now 40, that means literally half my life building, selling, founding companies.

So here is why that matters. I have this employee, salesman, who interestingly enough was the owner and founder of the company I had put out of business 2 months prior, lol. Seriously, I took over the market, he went belly up from competition and applied to work for me, nice guy but WOW he was worthless at sales, I mean WORTHLESS.
He kept begging to get 2 minutes of my time to just look at this "thing", this network marketing business thats "oh-so-revolutionary". I did very well at blowing him off, I had zero interest in whatever hookie God knows what Mr can't-sell-squat got himself into. It's also how he kept talking it up, like a vacuum salesman, really. .
So several weeks of dodging this guys request to look at this biz thing, and out of the blue he calls me up happy as *** and says he has to quit. I say I get it, your really flopping at selling, he say "I know, and, whell, I just made $1,500.00 in 2 weeks working maybe 5-10 hours a week".
I am wondering what drugs he is running, maybe scamming old ladies, because he can't sell nothing, I know because I TRIED to get him selling I even gave him customers I had sold who were already set to buy and some way some how he came back with them CANCELING there order, he was that bad, lol.
I say how, he says with that biz thing. Ok, WTF.... wtf....
So I pull up at shop, he does termination process happy as a can be, than he says "here, let me show you", and i try to blow it off as i am super busy and he say "NO!, JUST LOOK!", and he has his phone up and hits play on the product video.
2 minute 30 second product spec video. It ends, I look at him and say "ok, 2 things, first just shut and and answer the 2nd, how do I get in now today?!".

I do not think anyone could ever find a person more opposed to a MLM business than me, or someone more technical and methodical and careful in actions than I am. I take a long time to decide on ALL business actions, I took 2 weeks to choose the right refrigerator for home, 3 days fro the right jeans, I run on data and i require rock solid data to make my decisions and actions, and 2 minutes 30 seconds and I was not just ready I walked in the office and pulled 2 staff from duties for 1 week to work on just that MLM.

Wor(l)d Global has a 1st of it's kind technology and 1st of it's kind MLM that is literally redefining 3 industries at once. The product is perfect, as it is a combination of hardware and software, and patented. 1 of the features of it, a patented feature, 750 million people require it every day, all day, or they would die, and we have the ONLY item of it's kind to serve them in a way only ever seen in Sci-fi before.
And more, the health care field currently spends around $4,000.00 in equipment, right now, per room/ patient, to do what this one item does and is less than $500.00.
I took one of them and had it independently tested MYSELF by a directing member of a major national hospital. 1 day she called me back and said she was done, it was supposed to take 1 week. She said "James, this isn't big, this thing is GIGANTIC what it's going to do, this literally changes everything.... I don't know how.... but.... it works, it really works".
Again, patented.

Company is less than 1 year into this now flagship product, started pre-sales months ago, started pre-shipping April'ish, and started full shipping May. Last 45 days shipping time from order has been cut from 7 weeks to 2 weeks. Production has been ramping up rapidly to meet demand. We are on pace to hit 1 billion in world wide sales end of 1st year. We are open and shipping in 195 countries.

Everything is so awesomely done, really nice online sales site/ shopping cart. Amazing cloned websites that are NOT just some landing page I mean FULL websites deep with content and video content, for fractions what it should be, and I know because I own 3 others of my own.

The $ being made, the only words to describe are "EPIC". Remember, on pace to hit 1 BILLION in sales, this year, year 1. And, we are so desperately short distributors..... we dont even have 10% of goal for # of US distributors yet. Asia market we are better. Africa, wow, wide open for the taking. Western Europe, so much opportunity. The Mediteranian, Midle East.... it's mind boggling how short handed we are and how much we few are posting in sales already, and we havn't even scratched the surface for target consumers yet.

Plenty talk of "big money" right, ok I will ONLY speak of people, local people, I know and have seen there income. One couple, no MLM experience, early 20's, truly not very bright really, 3 weeks in over $17,000.00 net earnings cash in hand. I have seen countless 5,8,10k checks in 1 week, countless, all the most plain average normal every day people and not 1 with MLM experience. Those who came on WITH MLM experience, I have personally seen 145K in 1 week earnings, 35k and 45k many many times, again 1 week earnings. Yeah, this is no joke, millionaires are being made at this co, many millionaires.

I am sure your all doing what I did, sitting saying "no freaking way.... there is just no way". Yeah, well, how do you think i felt when i was sitting with 40 people all making this kind of money, looking at the checks.... and no, not some "master mind" meeting, nope, just a plain jane intro meeting for new people, thats it, all these earnings are by the average persons in it not the elite. The elite.... well ok, yeah, the 145k weekly, he was one of those guys, so i stand corrected.

If you saw the product spec video you'd get it, if you had access to the info I had you'd freak out in anticipation of swimming in a vault of money Schroog McDuck style, lol, because whats in the product video as epic game changer to tech and health care as it is, is nothin to whats just about to get released public and integrated to it. And again, it's software, thats patented, like windows is for microsoft, or ios for apple, and it's literally a money machine.

So, thats what I am doing, my MLM.
I am on track to hit mid 6 figures by February, my goal is pushing the gas to see if i can't make it a 7 figure Christmas, 1st one ever in my life. Odd's right now, flip of a coin....
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by Mr.HappyPads » Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:42 pm

Hi I am with a company that just launched called Nspire Network.Our bread and butter?Sanitary Napkins.Don't laugh.Ladies if you could reduce or eliminate cramping and odors would you?If you could wear a pad and forget you were wearing it would you want to try it?
What if you knew the poisons,dyes and pesticides that they used in most maxi pads have been linked to breast, cervical,ovarian and many other cancers,toxic shock syndrome,Birth defects,miscarriages,UTI's,Fibroids and many other complications.Did you know they use recycled garbage in many maxi pads that have been bleached causing more chemicals that enter straight into your bloodstream?We have other products as well.The comp plan is as good as I have ever seen.
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by shrinkme » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:34 am

ec-corp wrote:Hey guys

Just wanted to know what MLM you guys are in and what type of success you'v had with them??

We can eventually compare MLM companies and statistics to figure out which MLM comes out on top. :-)

I'm 21 and a successful MLM representative here in Florida. MY success comes particularly because I go to a University that has students from all over the world and I get to export my MLM (It has business in over 21 countries) all over the world through international representatives. This might be a good tip for anyone struggling in an MLM.

My wife just joined a wine club that is pretty cool. Still too early for results.
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by MiiaH » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:20 am

I'm from Finland and I work with patented and tested products all around the world (supplements and cosmetics AND diet).
The crazy thing here is that these amazing products have not yet REALLY hit home in the States AND...

oh my gosh, I'm getting shivers just thinking about this!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

... the great "secret" is that when the diet system -that comes with this product line- hits the USA it WILL FREAKING HIT THE MARKET HARD!

I mean like crazy hard! And all the distributors will have their lists growing like crazy, organically - I think that how you say it! :)

The diet was originally a NASA diet for the health of their astronauts (you can't send an ambulance to space). NASA has its astronauts on it for months when as a basic dieter can get through the first 28 days easily with a coach and a fb-group + the next 2 months we just optimize his/her diet.

Oh boy! and all my team does is that it keeps people happy and healthy and "eats its vitamins" :)

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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by Laetitia » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:25 am


I'm in Fireflies. It works like a travel agency and you get money when you recruit someone and when they book hotels or plane tickets.

The reason why I got in is because the money I invest for the vacation package is entirely converted into coupons that I can use to travel so even if I can't find recruits, I still have my vacation funds :)
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by TheMadness » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:22 pm

I'm currently doing ItWorks and Goodlifeusa and the difference is amazing. For Itworks it seems hard, even though I'm dropping weight like crazy, and everyone is "I want to try" then flake at the end, I beginning to hate that feeling. However just starting with Goodlifeusa, giving away free travel cards and getting people talking is a much easier and fun experience. I can't wait to see this grow!!
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by ShenteriaMarie » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:49 pm

"Just wanted to know what MLM you guys are in and what type of success you'v had with them??"

I am a member of a new program called You Are The Project and it is not a full MLM yet. It is 2 tiered (but will expand down the line) and it is centered around self-improvement. We actually get paid to improve ourselves, it is a revolutionary system that involves no stock piling on products. Essentially, YOU are the product, so you introduce people by improving yourself! It is a wonderful program.

It is new and just launched in May, although it was test piloted in Utah and Tokyo with 90% success rate. What better job to have than to get paid to improve yourself?

Since I am newer in terms of marketing my business, I so far have 5 people directly underneath me. When I really get focused I will bring more people in. I have found Vegas has many flaky people unfortunately. I was at first skeptical of MLM businesses but this one has changed that for me. 8-)
I am in the business of helping others accomplish their goals and dreams through self-improvement
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by surge.violeta » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:22 am


I would normally say "working for" but the term woking doesn't do much justice, so I'm going to say represent. Surge is all about travelling and business opportunities, is new on the market but already making a lot off people happy. How does like to travel right?

Let me know if you want to talk more about this.
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by freeme » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:29 pm

My primary income comes from Day Trading and I live full time from the profits we earn. While looking for places to diversify I got involved with crypto currency. Which brings me to the MLM I got involved in.

My MLM business is a little untraditional. The product itself earns us money whether we refer anyone or not. And I really like that I don’t have to refer anyone to earn and no one quits.

It was tough for me to find a real valid company that provided this type of opportunity. After extensive research and information gathering, USI-Tech was the only company in the crypto space that provided the transparency and 3rd party verification. I believe this is the best program for people who are tired of having to refer and lose referrals constantly.

Here are some USI-Tech bullet points:

Free-To-Join and NO monthly cost.

The primary trader started trading Forex privately for high end clients with $100k+ investments about 8 yrs ago.

Started selling Automated Forex Trading software several years ago to the public for $600 euros for people who wanted to trade on their own computers. (Not for sale to public anymore as of Nov 1st)

Started selling low cost Automated Bitcoin Trading/Mining (BTC) Packages about 8 months ago for 50 euros ($60-70) after seeing the growth and momentum in crypto currencies like bitcoin. Allows everyone to get started for a very low cost. (This is always your money)

Earnings vary monthly but are consistent and we receive the increase in bitcoin value as well. (Also compounding your earnings will increase them dramatically)

Can earn 100% passively without any referrals

None of your referrals quit because everyone makes money.

New Live 24/7 phone support number: 702.522.1640 provided by Las Vegas based 123Employee.

Just partnered with Las Vegas based AhernIT to manage product development for Bitcoin and Ethereum coin mining with Patented products. Owner, Evan Ahern is also the President of Ahern Construction Rentals in Las Vegas and several other U.S. companies.

They retain one of the Top U.S. Financial Law firms to help verify their business and recommend changes for the U.S. market. HDC, LLP spent the last 6 months breaking down USI’s business model and verified that they are a registered business that makes all the profits they pay us from trading/mining and not from new members money coming in. And helped them with regulations.

New Changes coming on or after Nov. 1st

Releasing their own new crypto Techcoin at about .60 cents each. We will be able to see coin mined on blockchain for full transparency. They are for sell right now. (Bitcoin started at less than 1 cent and is now worth over $7,000 each)

New in-house Automated Forex Trading product that replaces their proven 600 euro Forex Software. (made it more affordable for avg person.)

New Company Visa card to spend our bitcoin and/or cash earnings all over the world straight from our accounts.

3 million digital currency atms worldwide will be available for purchase/lease by members starting early 2018

We will be able to see all their Forex Trading, Bitcoin/Ethereum mining on blockchain and cash reserves for complete transparency. Coming in 2-6 weeks. (Note: People with their Forex Software already see USI's live trading results for over a year.)

If you’re struggle with building an mlm business, this could be for you. If you’re having success with your current company, stay with it. You can add USI-Tech as a secondary company and earn passively.

Much Success To All Of You
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by sebi_usi » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:03 am

Yap, I can confirm that USI-Tech is by far the best opportunity not yet explored to the max, from the crypto world.
For more details please contact me in PM.
USI-Tech direct promoter:
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by Destiny4 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:46 am

I am with Isagenix. I started in mlm in '85 with Melaleuca on it's prelaunch and have had fun since.

I/we do things a little different for our team. My sponsor is the all-time income earner of Isagenix and that in itself helps a great deal. In addition though I/we stay active and I provide my prospective teammates with a Strategic Plan Part 1 if they are seriously interested. That plan in addition to my website should give everyone a clear idea as to whether they want to be just a customer, or a business builder (or both) or not get involved at all. It lays it all out including ways that you could actually save money daily instead of spending additional money to start your business.

For those that join me I make available to them Strategic Plan Part 2, which has the coveted information that even the most seasoned veterans in this industry haven't seen, unless they are on my team.

So in addition to the great diverse product line (that people just rave about), the impeccable reputation of the company, the amazing free marketing materials available to associates, the lucrative commission program, you get a pretty unique "upline" in the process to help you along.

We make it pretty fun, and stay busy at the same time. If anything, my 30+ years in this industry has taught me to never lose sight of your "why" and it's not a sprint, it's a more of a lifestyle jog and have fun along the way.

Good Luck to all, Anthony
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by chuckholmes » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:44 pm

I'm a top recruiter and top rep in Regenalife, which specializes in natural and organic products, including CBD. Their mission is "Whole Foods with a Purpose." Nice small, yet established, under the radar opportunity.
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by RogD » Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:25 pm

Hello to everyone,

I am with Mintbuilder. We teach others a better way to save by converting fiat money through our auto-saver program into real silver, and use any of our 5 income producing streams to assist those who would like to build a business to profit from this as well.

I have been a collector of coins for a long time, and when I was introduced to an opportunity that allowed be to continue with my passion and make a business of it, I was ready.

Anyone can goto a Mintbuilder Distributor's website and purchase any of our products at retail prices, or if they would like to purchase "at cost" they could purchase a one-time lifetime membership at $99 and purchase any product at members prices.

The products of graded silver coins, silver rounds and bars, gold bars, mens and womens jewelry is what we offer.

To Everyone's continued success,

A better way to save, preserve your wealth, and earn for the future.
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Re: What MLM are you in?? *DISCUSSION - NO LINKS*

by Gertude » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:06 am

Sorry to hear that. I hope that you have tremendous success with Trivita
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