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Entrepreneurs Dream

by powerincome1 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:18 pm

Inspired by the nobility of philanthropic giving, an Executive Mastermind Group of faith-based entrepreneurs began to evaluate how a business model could be developed to enrich peoples lives both personally and financially. Out of the ether came an epiphany! "A Global Initiative of Charitable Giving Through Entrepreneurial Philanthropy" In other words, empower everyday people to reach their maximum human potential and participate in the incredibly gratifying world of Philanthropic Charitable Giving.

We have identified 8 areas of Global need. Our mission is to donate 1 billion+ dollars to these areas of need over the next several years.

 Here's our first group of organizations we will be providing support to:

1. Humanitarian Causes - Habitat for Humanity

2. Disabled Heroes - Gary Sinese Foundation 

3. Innocent Victims - Magdalene Hope

4. Youth Causes - Bob Holmes "One man Volleyball Team"
5. Disaster Relief - Samaritans Purse

6. Animal Cruelty -

7. Breakthroughs in Health - Children’s Miracle Network

8. General Fund - To Be Announced

We have the platform to support many very important causes. We have the technology to empower you to reach your maximum human potential. I know what your saying: That's all wonderful dude but in order for me to participate in this incredibly gratifying world of philanthropy you speak of, the company "Must Have" a Truly Revolutionary New Comp-Plan & System designed to produce Massive Wealth! I agree and we do! All it takes is $25 one time & your in business!

but we both know money isn't everything, you also have to like what you do as well, to truly have a successful life.........

How about a business life filled with meaning and purpose? A business about Love, Compassion & Understanding. A business about Personal Growth, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Creation and Giving Back to Society! Look, besides the Massive Money, imagine the intense pride & personal fulfillment you'll feel everyday representing a company like this! This is an Entrepreneurs Dream!

Your search for the "Right" home business is over! We're like a big family here! If your looking for a home you found it!

Robert Martin
Independent Business Leader

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar
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