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by WarrantiesForLess » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:01 am

Human Growth Hormone has been a hot subject for years, most come and go, or get attacked by FDA and in sports industry, most are banned outright, yet few can say that HGH is not important hormone, but with injections being too expensive for most, and pills which supposedly help induce your bodies ability to produce HGH, pills for the most part never reach the blood stream, and in my experience, most vitamin supplements just pass through the digestive system with little to no absorption due to digestive enzymes negating benefits unless you super dose which also would cost a fortune.

We have also heard about transdermal delivery systems over the years, and this can be easily proven with blood tests before and after, so this got my attention. Most supplements I have evaluated provide no improvement in my health, or in the case of weight loss products, none to date have worked, but I always remain open to trying new breakthrough products. So much hype in the nutritional supplement industry that I almost stopped listening, but this one did get my attention and I am evaluating it.

No one I know wants to age, and everyone wants to feel better and look better, and HGH is essential if you research it like I have. There are thousands of studies on the benefits of increasing your HGH levels, so I tried this new homeopathic transdermal HGH Gel which does indeed reach the blood stream unlike pill supplements which are near worthless. The proof is in the blood tests before and after. Check out this generic overview and do your own due diligence as I have. I absolutely feel the effects, never mind loosing two inches of belly fat in just the first two months of evaluation period. Belly fat has been my battle for decades, skinny legs, arms, no butt, but a belly which no matter how much I diet or exercise, I just can't make a dent in it. lol So this was an unexpected benefit I was not aware of. Visit the generic company site at

Wealth Without Health Is Worthless,
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