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Why NOBODY Wants to Join Your MLM...

by freedomrep77 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:03 am

EVERYBODY wants to boost their income...

EVERYBODY likes the idea of having an income stream that is removed from the paradigm of trading "time for money."

EVERYBODY likes the idea of having an income stream that can be managed virtually from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and internet connection...

The Number One Reason Why People are Saying NO to Your MLM is Because They See HOW YOU'RE Building Your MLM... and they do NOT want to do that...

The don't want to "share," sell, beg, SPAM, or guilt their closest relationships into business (that most likely are not even qualified for)...

This is why network marketing has a bad name.

Your grandpa does not want to sell that weight-loss program. and he barely knows how to log into his account... or share a link...

If you want to build a successful "passive income" network marketing business, you need to:

[*]have a system for consistently attracting qualified leads.
[*]have a funnel that weeds out prospects that are NOT a good fit.
[*]have an automated follow-up / closing system.
[*]have an automated onboarding / training system.

If your upline is telling you to make your list of 100 people... and keep bothering your 100 people... They have not given you a system that continually brings prospects into your sales funnel.

If your upline is telling you to "find your why," that does absolutely NOTHING to help you find more prospects.

How to Generate Leads Online

You need to create a system that pulls leads into your sales funnel.

Whether it's a blog, youtube channel, or podcast... you should publish HELPFUL content online that provides value to your audience...

This content should drive traffic to a lead capture page that gives your prospect something for free in exchange for their email address... you need to publish content that attracts your target audience to YOU - and gets these prospects on your email list.

Why get them on your email list? Because if they're just surfing the web and stumble on your website - they will read what they want to read, click off your site and you'll never see them again.

You want to "capture" your visitors... (that sounds so aggressive, lol)

People do not buy the first time they see something - you need to "nurture" your leads...

Email Follow-Up System

You should have an (automated) follow-up system that nurtures these leads for you.

The free report should have an series of emails that are slowly dripped out to your leads.

Let's say for example, you gave away a free report titled "how to attract more heavy hitters to your MLM." After a visitor opts-in to your list, they now get one email a day from you that is continuing the discussion with strategies on recruiting and building an MLM...

Note: This email follow-up series only has to be written once. After it's written and cued up in your email marketing autoresponder, all follow-up with your prospects is automated...

If your emails are helpful and give VALUE to your readers, over time, some on your list will end up reaching out and joining your team...

Some may join on their own, some may want to discuss with you first - but at least some of this process will be automated... and by the time you're talking to them - they're already "sold."

Often they just want reassurance that someone on the other side is on their team and available for support.

And the more automated - the more this is an actual "passive income" business. If you're talking to half-interested prospects all day or worse - trying to SELL cold prospects that haven't even showed interest... you're NOT building a passive income.

You're working your tail off.

If you're answering the "Is this a pyramid scheme?!" question all day - you're wasting your time! lol

There's nothing wrong with working hard - but as the cliche goes, "work smarter, not harder."

Automate the Onboarding and Training

If you want to build an MLM empire - personally training each prospect is NOT scalable. Build a "members only" site so that once on your team, your recruits can find EVERYTHING they need to grow their business.

If you create a training video ONCE - all your new recruits can just watch the video... You do not have to personally give the same talk every time you recruit someone.

If creating an onboarding/ training membership site for your team seems too overwhelming - go upline. Perhaps someone else on your team has done this...

But if your upline support does little more than telling you to make a list of 100 people and "find your why" then you may have to create this yourself.

Which is fine. If you take the time to create these systems - you will be outselling your upline. And offering something of value that most other teams are not... Allow your team to "plug in" to your systems.

Publish Value, Attract Prospects, Recruit Winners, Train, & Duplicate.
Auto-recruit Your Downline of Heavy Hitters (without friends and family even KNOWING you're in MLM)
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