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10 ways to increase your sales


It’s almost the holiday season and direct selling professionals have less than a month to finish out the year strong. Let’s talk about a few things you can do to increase your retail sales during the holidays.

1. Add value

The holiday season is when people start to look for really great deals. Your company may already have discounted prices for the holiday season, but discounts aren’t the only way to add value to your product this season.

If you are selling a health product, consider putting together a 3-week boot camp to add a group workout to your customers’ holiday season. If you sell housewares, you might want to write a short guide on getting organized after the holidays. Or if your product is a beauty item, email your prospects with an offer to doll them up, both hair and makeup, to prepare for their next holiday event. Remember to also add value to your customers when you emphasize your commitment to customer service and product training.

2. Cross-sell

Recommend a related product to a customer who has purchased from you previously. If you sell makeup and most of your customers purchase a lipstick, consider following up with a special on a bundle of lip liners or lip gloss for the holidays. Remember always to start your conversations with excitement in your voice about the related product. Create a to-do list of the customers who have purchased from you this year. Asking existing customers to buy a related product—creating repeat customers—is a great way to add 20-30% more sales. Cross-selling will reduce your cost of advertising and leverage your valuable time. Create three touch points for your existing customers about the related product. You may need to create multiple opportunities before someone says yes. Reach out multiple times to existing customers through small gestures such as a simple email, a Facebook message, and a quick phone call.

3. Make and sell gift baskets

I love getting small baskets from the dollar store to fill with handpicked products. Small baskets of products are a great way to let your customers visualize your products as bundled. Customers love the decorative flare and the convenience for gift giving. You can even ask customers to join you in making bundles. Bundles give you an even greater opportunity to show them the value. Your customers will praise you for having these high-value bundles that stretch their dollar further.

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Customers love to choose products that make the most financial sense and stretch their dollar farther. Packages may be especially helpful with those customers who have seemed hesitant in the past.

4. Celebrate your customers

Create an evening event that celebrates your customer. Did your friend or neighbor just accomplish a half marathon? Did someone you know just graduate college? Put together a fun little party in their honor. Include prizes, a product table, and assign guests to bring a small treat or activity.

5. Promote your events

Everyone thinks about promoting their events on social media and email. This year take a few extra minutes to create special graphics for your event or hire a designer on Triple check the date, location, and time. You may also want to consider purchasing a graphic from Create a few photos and post them one week before the event, then again the day before, and again 4-5 hours before. Post a few photos before, during, and after the event as well. Others will want to join your next event if you give them an expectation of what it is like to attend.

6. Try Facebook Flex Targeting

Need more customers? Post a picture of your product bundle or your special companion offer on Facebook and then create a small group to advertise your product to. Facebook has a new feature called flex targeting. Buy ads to your e-commerce page or your business website using the new Facebook Flex targeting feature.

If you are considering spending advertising dollars on Facebook, then you will want to use this feature. The revolutionary new feature allows you to create and/or scenarios. Let’s say that you want your Facebook ad to target 18-25 year-olds in your city who also like wedding photography or a local wedding venue. You can target all the criteria and apply it to the same ad. For more information about Flex targeting, check out this article written by Molly Pittman in Digital Marketer.


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7. Self-publish a book

Writing a book builds trust and credibility with your target audience. If you get it right, it can set you apart as a topic expert. Spend some time researching your audience and identifying what problems you can help them with. Once you identify a common problem or pain point among your customers, you can start to develop a few strategies and supporting stories to inspire them to make a change.

Many people in direct selling are inspired to write books. Once you get serious about writing, other business professionals will likely want to know more about you, and you will receive invitations for interviews and speaking engagements.

Start with writing a short outline for your book based on your knowledge and experience and include your strongest ideas. Include your story and how you overcame similar problems in your health, business, or life. Talk with as many people as you can about the topics you plan to cover.

8. Get Excited

People love to be around other people who are excited and passionate about their life and their business. You most likely joined your direct selling opportunity because you were excited about your product purchase and the opportunity to sell that product. Write a list of the features and benefits of your product that create that feeling of excitement. Review your list and filter it based on your company’s compliance requirements. Find ways to communicate those features and benefits through video, photographs, social media posts, and a few phone calls. Focus on a new feature each week through the holiday season. Asking friends and family to comment on your excitement in social media are great ways to create awareness about you and your products.


9. Create a postcard or two

Postcards can be a great invitation to events. Consider using a service like I like providers like these who not only help you create the postcard but also can acquire a list of people in your area with your criteria. Want to reach females that earn over $75,000 in your city? A Company like can help you target your ideal customer and invite them to your next event.


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10. Throw a holiday party (or two or three)

Are you looking to bring the customers to you? Throw an exclusive VIP event or party and invite everyone who was a part of your business this year. Even if your current direct selling company is not a party plan, go ahead and consider throwing a party. Combine with other independent distributors in your downline to lower costs and increase the fun. A party creates an opportunity to find new customer referrals, create relationships and friendships, increase product value, and promote your business opportunity.

Need some ideas for party themes? Ask your guests to bring a cake and do an old fashioned cake walk. Create a fitness party and invite three friends to put together a 5-minute workout and then share some natural lemonade and snacks. Every great party includes door prizes. Ask your local bank, bakery, or coffee shop if they would like to contribute to your door prizes.

Check out this Pinterest page for more ideas on direct selling parties.


Boosting your sales at the end of the year will set your business up for success in the following year. Increased awareness of your product and sales will lead to more customers and more opportunities to find future downline distributors within your existing customer list. You will benefit the most if you grow your business with others who are excited avid fans of your products from the beginning. Your reputation as an entrepreneur will help you find individuals who are willing to put time and effort into growing a fun, flexible, and profitable business. If you do each of these ten things your business will be on a track for growth.

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