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2015 Online Marketing Tools for Direct Selling Professionals


In 2015 the best way to reach the largest audience is through the internet. Many write books on using social media, creating websites, and utilizing communication apps to grow their businesses. What technology should you be using?

In this series we explore the best tools online. You may already be familiar with some of them. We will include our thoughts on how to best utilize the tools and add some of the best integration points with other tools you may be using. Also, we will discuss how much time you should invest in the tool to get the most value out of it. You can spend a lot of time learning a tool but unless you use it in your daily and weekly processes, it may not be worth your time to invest in it.

Have you ever wondered about the secret to selling online? The secret is to convey benefits and make the purchase easy. Know what you want to say to your prospective audience. I suggest making three lists:

• Product Features
• Product Benefits
• Business Opportunity Benefits

Now that you know what you want to say to attract your audience, you can create the messages that you will use with various online marketing tools. You can create an audience who listens and trusts you. Use these lists to publish in Twitter, in Facebook, or Pinterest to start engagement with your audience.

Your audience may have heard of your product and company before. Your job is to tell your story—to illustrate what makes you different. Promise your audience the knowledge of how you work with your team and what differentiates you from any other distributor in your company. The audience is not looking for earnings claims, instead focus on your willingness to be accessible, the exact way you are accessible, and exactly how you connect with people online.

If you use a tool for a week, and you don’t see an immediate response, don’t blame the tool. Instead, allow adequate time for the audience to consume the content and use a specific offer for that tool to accurately measure the response. Offers that create relationships and provide the result that the customer wants to get from their purchase are the most effective. What kind of offers can you make to educate your prospects about your product and service? Focus on a new offer each week or each month to be able to measure audience response.

You may be wondering what should be done first in online marketing. I suggest putting tools into three categories. There are tools that support your team, tools that build your reputation, and tools that are lead builders.

Evaluate, from the list below, which types of tools you currently may need. Click the name of any of these tool types to see my 2015 recommendations for each!

Communication. Your most important tools are the ones that you use most often to support your team. Leverage your most important assets which are the people who have joined your team.

Content Planning. Using Excel or a more elaborate tool you can create and test various offers and measure their response.

Blogging. If you can build a strong message, you can use blogging to support your message to a growing community of your fans.

Video Publishing. Reach large audiences and emotionally connect with them using video. It creates fans that will market your message and create you as an expert.

Customer and Content Management Services. Using a CMS allows you to determine the effectiveness of an offer or type of content.

Analytics. Technology now exists to help you know what brought your visitors to your video, your website, your mobile app and also what they did when they arrived.

A/B Testing. If you have more than one page or type of content on a page you can use A/B testing and drive traffic to that area to determine which message produces more takers on your offers. Any tool that offers A/B testing is using technology to switch between two or more locations or messages.

Let’s start testing some tools. Tools are constantly changing, but this exploration will help you start your online marketing journey. Choose a new tool each day to review and build your list of helpful tools that you and your team can use to build your visibility online.

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