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3 Ways Live-Stream Can Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business

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Live-streaming is opening up a new world of relationship selling for network marketers, taking what you do so well in-person to the masses via social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Truth is, nothing builds the like, know, and trust factor (also known as the reason people do business with you & join your team) faster than a live video of you doing you. Why? Because your authentic, imperfect self makes you more relatable and deepens connectivity.

With 2 billion users on Facebook, Facebook Live is a good place to start broadcasting your message – and by that I mean sharing value, not spamming friends with marketing messages. Facebook is already predicting that the majority of content in the newsfeed will be video within the next two years. These 3 ideas will help you stay ahead of the video content curve and supercharge your business!

1. Hold Epic Facebook Live Parties:

Throw away your party scripts and put an end to the two biggest reasons your Facebook Party is not getting results: scrolling overwhelm and refresh confusion. That’s right, your party guests will never have to refresh again. How refreshing.

Go live to introduce yourself, go live to do your 30-minute party, and go live to pick your prize winners. A live-stream party brings the magic of the home party to an online format because you are having two-way conversations with guests vs. posting static images… over and over again. Here’s to fewer posts and more results.

2. Create Your Own Show:

Host a weekly show and build a following of viewers who tune in to see you rock your personal brand while you inform, inspire, or entertain. Use BeLive.TV, a new live-stream app, to broadcast live anywhere on Facebook including your personal profile, groups, and pages. Options include a Q & A, Face to Face Interview Broadcast (think split screen), and a new Talk Show Format that I’ve tested with up to 3 people on screen and up to 10 watching from the “green room.” Have you dreamed of hosting your own Healthy Lifestyles show? Stop waiting and start live-streaming.

3. Collaborate With Small Biz:

Facebook recently launched the ability to add a live contributor to your page, which means people who aren’t admins can start a live broadcast on your page from their mobile device. To add a live contributor go to: Settings > Page Roles > Assign a new role.

Collaboration helps you expand your business quickly by leveraging the resources and connections of people who sell to the same people as you do. For example, if you sell skincare you could collaborate with a makeup artist at a hair salon to go live and share makeup tips, co-promoting the show to both your audiences so it’s a win-win. Choose your collaboration partners wisely and make sure they’re a fit for your brand message and values.

Bonus tip:

If live-streaming is way out of your comfort zone create a secret group and practice until you’re ready for your close-up. What happens in a secret group, stays in a secret group.

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