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6 Media Trends for Direct Sales in 2012


We can’t be just doing media full time. We have to be working the business in other ways if we want to be successful. And so it’s important to know what matters, and where to spend your time.

So here are some places that I think it’s valuable for direct sellers to spend their time in media in 2012:

  • Texting: We’ve talked about this before, but I think leaders and companies need to get on top of mass texting in 2012. It’s the best way to reach your younger salesforce members. Even if you want to send them to, for example, an online training piece delivered in another format, a text message with the notification will get better results than an email. Get on top of this this year.
  • Facebook: Facebook only continues to grow, and a vast majority of our target market is there. Make sure you are too, with a strong strategy for how you will convert “likes” into sales and recruits. I expect to see direct sellers increase their use of contests (using 3rd party apps like so the contests are within Facebook Promotions Guidelines) and Facebook Ads to increase their reach.
  • Mobile: From mobile websites to training, mobile is rapidly becoming a must-have in direct selling. We have the most mobile salesforce that exists, and we must be prepared to support them whenever, and wherever, they are. This includes a website that functions properly on a mobile phone (not just one you can access, but one that is optimized for mobile), access to backend data, the ability to place orders from the phone, video training and opportunity videos that can be viewed when sitting on the sidelines at the kids’ soccer game, and more. If you don’t have a mobile strategy for 2012, it’s time to get on the ball. You can’t ignore this anymore.
  • Video: If you and your company aren’t training and communicating with customers via video, you’re missing the boat. Today’s online audience is accustomed to consuming information via video. It must be short…3 minutes or less…and it must be fun and engaging. There’s a reason that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. People want to learn via video, and they want to be entertained by it too. And one more important thing…people SHARE video too, increasing your viral visibility. Here’s a post I wrote this past year on how to do video better.
  • Pinterest: I wrote a post last week about why I think Pinterest is the next big thing for direct selling. My head is already buzzing with ways it can be used by my current clients. If you’re not on Pinterest you should be, exploring and getting comfortable with the tool. I believe this is going to be really big for our industry in 2012. Something to watch there? Take a look at how fashion retailer is putting together looks that are “Pinterest-ready.” (See some of my favorites here: When you click on the look you’re taken to a page on that lists each of the items, with a link to buy it. These looks are shared like crazy on Pinterest.
  • Gamification: If you can make it a game, people will get more involved. Direct sellers need to think about how they can make things like training, online group participation, etc. into a game where people earn points and prizes. In some places we’re already doing this (like incentive trips), but we need to look long and hard at other places we may be able to incorporate this. For example, look at FourSquare. The simple act of checking into a local business earns you points. The more points you earn and checkouts you achieve, you earn virtual badges. Along the way, you can also earn discounts, and even become the “mayor” of establishments. This makes it more fun to do business with you. How can you make it more fun to do business with your direct sales business?

So those are some of the places that I think direct sellers should be focusing on in media for 2012. Have I missed anything?

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