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Are You Proud To Be One?


I am 100% proud of my involvement in network marketing. If someone asks me what my career is, I am excited to tell them that I coach leaders in the network marketing industry. “Yes!” I exclaim, “I am in network marketing.”

What about you? Are you proud to be an MLMer?

I know that many people struggle with explaining they are in the MLM business. Some feel embarrassed to say they are in network marketing because they think others will say something derogatory or think bad of it. This is a natural “rejection” emotion. Some feel a little ashamed because they worry that network marketing has a poor public image, and they are correct. We don’t like to say this. We don’t think it’s completely deserved. Yet, if people do not believe or accept this fact, they are living in a cave! In fact, they’re like an ostrich with its head in the ground.

The problem is that embarrassment and shame—any negative feelings—are communicated through body language to other people. Is this a problem? Of course! Can it be solved? Absolutely! If you are intelligent and professional, you will ensure that both you and your team understand where destructive attitudes about the industry come from and what to do about it.

History of the problem

I believe network marketing has a negative reputation because of four facts:

  • Some people have not told the truth about their business or products. Shame on them!
  • Some people in this industry put pressure on their friends and family to buy products or join. Double shame on them!
  • Some people in society just don’t like this sort of business. They don’t like the freedom we offer or the positive opportunity we create. There are those kinds of people in every crowd. Some people don’t like lawyers, soldiers, real estate agents, politicians or journalists, yet we need them in society.
  • Too many people have failed to earn the money they expected, relative to what they thought they were promised. If you don’t deliver on your promises, people don’t trust you.

Solution to the problem

How do we change the bad reputation? Advertising won’t help. Ignoring the situation won’t help. I believe the only solutions are:

  • Be very clear about what you are promising. Under-promise with enthusiasm. People are buying your enthusiasm and non-verbal communication, anyway.
  • Never put pressure on people. Use inspiration to enthuse.
  • Forget the skeptic!
  • Use a competence first strategy to build your team. In other words, identify and play to your strengths. Focus on your unique capabilities that give you a competitive advantage. Hone your skills.

If people seem negative about your MLM profession, maintain your confidence and say, “I see you have a negative view on network marketing.” They will either agree or choke in embarrassment. Then look them in the eye and continue, “I can understand this. Many people failed in the past. The same thing happened in franchising. And, that’s why we use a competence first strategy now, which means that everyone can succeed.” This works perfectly!

If you follow the above steps, you will have nothing to be ashamed of and should find success as an MLMer. And best of all, you can be proud to be one!

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