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Podcast 19:Analytics of Your Compensation Plan

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Mark has recently started a compensation design and analytics company, mlm-cc. In this episode, Mark discusses his philosophy behind compensation analytics. Mark Rawlins, Founder of MLM-CC, joins Kenny Rawlins to talk about MLM compensation plans. What direction is the direct selling industry going on compensation? What’s the perfect compensation plan? How do you know if…

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Podcast 40: The Relaunch of with Mark Rawlins

The Podcast has been on hiatus for two years. Today, we relaunch with a new series of podcasts bringing you information and insights about the world of direct selling. Whether you’re new here or a long time reader, we want to welcome you to join our new host, Nancy Tobler, as she digs…

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Direct Sales Online Revolutionized the Industry

Over the last ten years, the world of direct selling turned upside down. Direct sales moved online and now everything is different. It happened so quickly, some of you reading this slept through it. You woke up on your head, and you’re rubbing your eyes wondering what exactly is going on. If you’re lost, I’m…

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