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Episode 56: Shocking Reveal on Product Compliance Claims in 2021 and 2022

Photo of Donna Marie Serritella

Today we welcome Donna Marie Serritella to today’s podcast. She is the owner of Direct Selling Solutions, where she is known as the “Queen of Compliance”. She is also the author “Compliance Solutions: What the FTC Won’t Tell You – WE WILL!“. Today she shares her knowledge and experience of what to look for…

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Podcast 55: Choosing a Compensation Software Company

Photo of Mike Christiansen

Today we welcome Mike Christensen to the Podcast. Mike is the vice-president of sales at InfoTrax Systems. He also is a board member of the DSA Supplier Committee. Mike shares with the Podcast his knowledge of scalable compensation software, the importance of real-time data, and e-commerce. Enjoy!

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Doubled sales and quadrupled recruitments with online meetings

For today’s MLM Podcast episode, we invited Matt Layton to join us. Matt Layton is the Vice-President of Business Insights at LegalShield. With 20 years of industry experience, Matt brings his insights to this episode. Measured by data analytics, Matt explains what effect COVID had on business over the last two years.. Matt also discusses…

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Understanding How Conversations are the Currency of Social Media

We are excited to invite Scott Kramer, “Chief Brain” of Multibrain, to join us for this podcast episode. He currently works with some of the largest direct selling brands. Scott was recently honored with the 2020 DSA Partnership Award. In this episode, Scott discusses how important it is for companies to shift towards using social…

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Episode 47: Training distributor’s use of social media in being connected

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For this episode of The Podcast, we are delighted to invite a previous podcast guest to return: Maria Osipova. Maria presents her ideas on training distributors. Maria was featured on the podcast in Episode 42. She provided insights into the need for distributor training. In the last podcast, Maria noted how direct sales…

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