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How to Ensure Your Compensation Plan and Software Work Well Together

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Batman and Robin. Everybody knows these famous pairings work well together. Can you add your MLM compensation plan and software platform to the list? Today’s direct-to-consumer companies are flexing to take advantage of social commerce opportunities. Modern direct selling takes a multi-channel approach with referral and affiliate marketing…

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Episode 59: New trends in customer programs in 2023

In today’s podcast, Daryl Wurzbacher shares fascinating insights in what he sees are industry trends like customer programs and loyalty referral rewards. We’re seeing a shift in the evolution of affiliates and influencers in building sales teams. Learn how understanding products and culture impact direct sales companies. Also see how important it is to have…

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Podcast 55: Choosing a Compensation Software Company

Photo of Mike Christiansen

Today we welcome Mike Christensen to the Podcast. Mike is the vice-president of sales at InfoTrax Systems. He also is a board member of the DSA Supplier Committee. Mike shares with the Podcast his knowledge of scalable compensation software, the importance of real-time data, and e-commerce. Enjoy!

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Doubled sales and quadrupled recruitments with online meetings

For today’s MLM Podcast episode, we invited Matt Layton to join us. Matt Layton is the Vice-President of Business Insights at LegalShield. With 20 years of industry experience, Matt brings his insights to this episode. Measured by data analytics, Matt explains what effect COVID had on business over the last two years.. Matt also discusses…

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