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Trends in Popular MLM Compensation Plan Types

Many times, I get asked “What is the best MLM compensation plan?” The answer is “It depends.” There are three plan types. All three are popular with top U.S. companies. In other words, all three plan types can be wild successes. Today, I’m going to breakdown the compensation plans used by those top companies. But…

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Two Questions to Revolutionize Your MLM Compensation Plan

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What does it mean for an MLM compensation plan to be a success? Do you know the answer? Sadly, you can’t just look at whether your company is growing to know if you’re paying people correctly. Sometimes, excitement for your product or your company culture itself can cause your field to grow like wildfire whether…

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Is Your MLM Compensation Plan a House of Cards?

With some MLM compensation plan designs, it’s obvious that the company is going to have a problem down the line. Today I want to talk about one of the ways companies set themselves up for failure. How? By turning their distributor tree into a house of cards. Comp plan like a house of cards Let’s…

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Podcast 46: Insights from an Expert Witness

On this episode of the podcast, we talk with Jeff Jordan about being an expert witnesses—what does an expert witness do? How do companies select expert witness? Our guest is Jeff Jordan. Jeff Jordan is an industry consultant with years of experience. He’s frequently an expert witness in cases between MLM companies. But his specialty…

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What is Livestreaming and Why Should Direct Sellers do it?

The applications for livestreaming are endless. Gamers, artists, intellectuals, pundits, and entertainers of all stripes have been using it to capture audiences for more than a decade. But today the big thing in livestreaming is livestreaming commerce—selling products to your audience while livestreaming. It’s clear from our conversations with some folks at company headquarters that…

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Ever-Changing PII (Personally Identifying Information) Regulations

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash The outcomes from the technological revolution of the last ten years have not all been good. Some have streamlined the way we do business, but others have added incredibly hairy and tangled layers of complexity to them. Take for example the ever-changing regulations around personally identifying information (PII for…

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