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Episode 41: Building Strong Communication with your Direct Sales Consultants


Today we discuss communication with Nicki Keohohou. How is your communication? Is there harmony between your headquarters and the field? Do your direct sales consultants trust you? Do they feel supported and are they getting the training they need?

If not, you might be losing consultants and sales to your competitors. Your consultants might be feeling lost and confused in the digital world. And if they feel cut off from the people back at headquarters, it can have a huge impact on their loyalty. Communication with your direct sales consultants is critical! Don’t leave them out in the cold. Connect with them.

On this episode of the podcast, founder of the Direct Selling World Alliance (DSWA), Nicki Keohohou joins us to talk about how you can better engage your field and in turn help them to engage with their customers. Nicki works directly with distributors, coaching them and teaching them how to coach each other toward greater success. She also works as an advisor to companies, helping corporate understand the needs of the field.

We discuss how you can best support the use of digital communication tools among mature distributors and younger distributors. And we talk about evolving customer needs and expectations and how you and your people can keep up.

Listen in for some incredible insights from the distributor side of the equation.

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