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Build your business by managing your contacts

15 tips guaranteed to boost your professionaly image using email

The opportunity in a direct selling business is about building relationships with people both within the organization and outside it. Let’s talk about one of the most basic but crucial parts of relationship selling: your contacts. Giving the right kind of attention to this aspect of your business is how it will grow

Start by creating your contact list. Here are some ways to manage and grow your initial list.

Pen and paper

You can hand-write your contact list. This old school option may not be for everyone, but for some, it’s just right.


  • It’s mobile.
  • You can easily add to it.
  • You can rewrite, cross people off the list.
  • You can organize contacts into customer and associate lists.
  • There’s no learning curve involved.


  • You can lose the list.
  • You can spill on the list and damage it.
  • If your handwriting is poor, you may have trouble reading the list.


You might create and manage your contact list in a computer spreadsheet.


  • If you use Google Drive or another online hosting tool, you can access it any time and anywhere you have internet access, including on your smartphone.
  • You can sort any way you want.
  • You can edit it easily.
  • You can use colors or numbers to track the progress per person.


  • You might not have internet access or a charged computer or personal device somewhere when you need to view it.
  • If you print it for your day-to-day use, you will have to re-print it or manually edit it any time you add a new contact.

Google Contacts in Gmail

Have you used your Google Contacts (in your Gmail) to track groups? This is a great way to move contacts from stage to stage. For example, you can create the groups Not Contacted, Not Interested, Customers, and Downline, and move individuals from one group to another based on the way your relationship evolves over time.


  • These contacts can sync with many smart phones.
  • You can export and import contacts.
  • You have your contacts at your fingertips with easy access.


  • You may need to manage the groups often to make sure they contain the right names.

MLM software

Some direct selling companies invest heavily to supply you with MLM back-office software to help you run your business. Many companies offer Evo, a web-based application from InfoTrax Systems (our sponsor) that lets you organize and maintain your downline and contacts, as well as check the progress of your business, track your volume, receive messages from the company and other associates, run reports, place orders and autoships, and receive notifications about important events like new sign-ups and orders placed. It helps a lot to have this kind of time-sensitive information right when you need it for communication and follow-up. Many companies invest heavily in these critical tools for you to be successful. If you have access to them, become an expert on them and train your downline to do the same.

Your corporate direct selling company is on your side and they depend on you to succeed and grow as an independent business owner. Have you already begun to build an active team or downline? Congratulations! When you have your team in place, you begin to see your company’s compensation plan in action, benefiting you and those you work with. Focus on their success and watch your business grow.


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