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Can Zendesk Help You Serve Your Customers Better?

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Zendesk tracks everything so you can build relationships
It seems to me that their mission is to provide a platform with flexibility to do one thing. That one thing is to serve your customers, and connect you with more opportunities to interact with your customers. No matter the methods a customer uses to contact you, Zendesk creates a high level view of your relationship with that customer. It can track a tweet, chat, phone call, email, or website search. You can leverage this information to contact and provide customized support to your clients. When customers and clients interact with your website they will also have the opportunity to rate the support that they received. This provides you with an ability to measure customer satisfaction.

Zendesk integrates with third-party apps

Another reason that Zendesk is a favorite technology product among direct selling independent business owners is its ability to integrate with apps such as WordPress, Shopify, Mailchimp, Jira, and Harvest to name a few. Zendesk believes that customer service is better when it’s personalized.

Zendesk allows you to participate in an online community

The data collected and reported within Zendesk allows you to serve your customers with 1-to-1 personalized attention while also providing them the ability to search for support answers in an online knowledgebase 24/7. As a network marketer you can encourage your team to participate in an online community built with Zendesk to give added details and personalized responses to questions posted by interested leads, prospects, and retail customers. This can create added value to individuals looking to join your business opportunity.

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The mobile version of Zendesk available at the iTunes store for iPhone can:
● View Tickets
● Bookmark a ticket
● Use macros
● Manage tickets
● Customer profiles

The mobile version of Zendesk available at the Google Play store for Android can:
● Pin favorite views
● Ticket views
● Use macros
● Manage tickets
● Edit ticket properties

In conclusion, you may be feeling that your business is growing so fast that you need a solution to help you get ahead of the game. Or you might be new and just looking for ways to avoid being spread too thin—to be efficient and grow your community, relationships, and support your retail sales. Zendesk is constantly improving and growing, while remaining flexible. I encourage you to try it and evaluate for yourself the powerful features within the application.

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