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Elizabeth, Colorado
United States


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Mr. Schroeder brings a wealth of experience to Adaptalife, having been involved in not only the sales, but also the key leadership roles of various entrepreneurial and business activities. Some of Mr. Schroeder’s experience include owning Loup Valley Cookware, serving as president and national sales director for Rainbow Marketing, chairman of the board for Today’s Country Store, Inc., and president of Mega-Tek Systems Inc. In addition, Mr. Schroeder has served as special assistant to the president in charge of the endowment and fundraising program at Platte Valley Bible College, a district representative for the National Federation of Independent Business and also as a marketing representative for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Schroeder is also active in the political process. He is chair of the Elbert County Republican Central Committee, a member of the Colorado Republican Party State Central Committee and a delegate to the Colorado 6th Congressional District. Mr. Schroeder studied Pastoral Studies at Nebraska Christian College and has served as senior minister at several churches across Nebraska and Colorado, and also has been a trustee and evangelist with the Restoration Evangelizing Trust since 1971, a role that he continues to serve in today.