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Alex + Von

444 San Antonio Rd, #5B
Palo Alto, California
United States



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Our mission is to help all Americans live healthier, happy lives. We offer high quality products that contain ingredients that are beneficial and safe for you, your family and our planet. We consciously support small businesses that create eco-friendly products that feel great, smell great and are effective. Whether you’re starting your healthy living journey, are known as the ‘health maven’ among your friends, or you simply love fabulous products, alex+von has something for you!
In following our mission we actively seek to offer a selection of products that enable families of all income levels to have access to healthier products. In addition, we and our brands:
* Are committed to cruelty-free products from ingredients to finished product
* Strive to source and manufacture all or most products within the United States
* Work to minimize our footprint – from using recycled materials to producing product through wind power
* Give back to our community through product and monetary donations