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Alivamax Worldwide

Salt Lake City, Utah
United States


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Mulitiple Products

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Founder Mark J. Sain has been in business for the majority of his life. As the founder of USP Communications, Mark was instrumental in the successful development of an International phone company doing business on 5 continents worldwide. Mark provided leadership, sales training, motivational speaking, keynote addresses, and more both domestic and international. Mark has several years of network marketing experience and helped many people achieve success achieving a full time income working from home.

Sheri Sain, wife and partner with Mark, has been in business for herself most of her life. Sheri has been a successful entreprenuer and was instrumental developing a very large property managment company serving thousands of properties for rent. Sheri is a personal trainer and is dedicated to serving her clients and assisting them to live a life they want, a life they choose, a life they love. Sheri is absolutely an amazing person and you will love her from the very first time you meet her.