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I lost my father to cancer when he was still relatively young. His doctor told him that it was the result of ‘his lifestyle’ and I realized, upon reflection that he never had a plan to stay healthy. What scared me the most was that I had no lifestyle plan either and had no idea where to get one. It was not coming from my doctor, my work or my gym. Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding what ‘lifestyle’ means. Should I expect the same fate as my father based on the genes I’ve inherited? How can I keep myself and others out of the ‘sick-care system’ that is the basis of so much of modern medicine? My passion for personalized and engaging solutions, for sustainable weight-loss, disease prevention and healthy living comes from my conviction that individuals can achieve long-term results by eating right, by being active and by being self-aware. All three of these actions are linked. Leave out just one of these components and your overall well-being suffers. This is my definition of what a healthy lifestyle should look like.

Having the proper information, the right tools and personalized, committed support is the way forward. I believe this is the right balance and the right way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Being overweight and living unhealthily is a by-product of genetics and poor decisions with regards to nutrition, exercise and our overall behavior. In order to change this, it’s essential to know the genetic hand you have inherited from your parents. It’s even more important to incorporate this knowledge into a personalized lifestyle plan that includes the right nutrition, the right exercise and the right behavioural well-being.

For decades the weight-loss and fitness industries have offered ‘quick-fix’ solutions that become ever more creative and questionable. But they only offer variations on the same theme. The failure to stem the obesity and chronic disease epidemic in North America is not surprising. This approach to the crisis reflects one-dimensional thinking and training in the field of nutrition, exercise and behavioural management. Despite the fact that government and medical guidelines point toward integration, we’re facing a system-wide inability to deliver integrated approaches to individuals trying to achieve healthier lifestyles.

The root cause of this health issue is unhealthy lifestyle. It’s a cycle straining our health system which could lead to its ultimate collapse. Newtopia has chosen to reverse this cycle by offering breakthrough genetic testing and the latest engagement science to identify and deliver the right personalized plan, products and support that inspire individuals to achieve sustainable results. Our programs are evidence-based, created by a team of leading experts working in full compliance with all North American medical and governmental guidelines. Our patent-pending technology incorporates personal genetic testing, personality matching, personalized natural health products, live online coaching, wireless tracking tools, personalized gamification and social health networking to ensure that we can make lifestyle change fun and sustainable.