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Going International Using Social Media (Part 2)

Article by: Tina Rawlins
August 25, 2015

Step 3: Add international team members into your team culture

If you meet someone on Facebook and you decide to add them to your team, find ways to include them culturally and inform them on how to grow their business. One simple and low cost way to support them is to introduce them to a personally sponsored group via email, phone, or in your own secret Facebook group. Secret Facebook groups do not show posts publicly and provide a sense of camaraderie between team members. I was recently introduced into a secret Facebook group, and with my permission, the owner of the group put my photo into an app called PhotoGrid which is available in the Apple Store or also on Google Play.

She added photos of diamonds and flowers and money next to my face in the photo. I underestimated the emotions that I felt when I saw the photo. I felt motivated to go out into the business world and be supported by this secret Facebook group. Once she showed me the PhotoGrid app I began to see people in direct selling posting everywhere on Facebook with the app. It is a great way to quickly bond with your new team member.

You will want to include the team member in your weekly team meetings. The cheapest way to do this is to provide a web based solution such as Skype or Google hangouts. Skype has an entire blog dedicated to helping you get a group call started with Skype. Before your meeting review the steps to initiating a group call on the Skype blog.


Always think about the experience from the participants end. Perhaps assign the person abroad to share a quick introduction about themselves or their experience with your business or product that led them to be a part of your team. Being on a web based meeting is most enjoyable when there is a pre-set agenda. Some segments of your meeting might include the following:

● Introduction of new team members
● New products or promotions
● Company news
● Success tips
● How to ask for the sale/party
● Recognition of team members
● Ways to earn review of compensation
● How and when people get paid
● Personal stories of success with the product or business

Step 4: Replicate your business step by step

In each country that you wish to grow a downline you should utilize the steps that you used to create your current success. Follow the example of others who have had success in that country. Help your teammates abroad to grow their business. Review ahead of time various selling techniques, marketing experiences, and your passion to your international downline. If there is a dramatic time difference consider sending videos and training using a service like,, or to send these trainings privately. It is likely that if you mentor and motivate your business abroad you can create a self-sustaining team that is growing your revenue without a lot of one-on-one attention needed. However in the beginning there will be more attention needed because they are so far from you.


In conclusion, you should know that some companies encourage you to grow your business internationally and seamlessly. Yet others have policies and procedures that must be followed. Investigate what type of support is available from your company then dream big! Get motivated to go out each day and find new team members. Envision your team gatherings online and in person. The feeling of growing a successful team with leaders and passionate customers is highly rewarding.

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