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How to Know Your Strengths – Part 2


In the network-marketing profession, I have had the privilege of administering the Assessment (Intentional Creation Assessment and Coaching Program) with over 5,700 individuals—more than 7,000 hours of interviews—most Og coaches conduct even more interviews.

Through these private and powerful experiences, we were able to identify seven thought processes that approximately 92% of all networkers share in common. This was an anomaly. We don’t see these same habits of thinking at these percentages in any other vertical—corporate America, real estate, other sales teams, or athletics. This is unique to the network marketing profession.

Two of these thoughts are great gifts and are essential in creating success. However, success requires that they be used constructively—sadly, one of these is used destructively 98% of the time, and the other 97%. Even more tragically, the hype and hopeum common to the network marketing profession fosters the destructive use of these two gifts and with dire consequences.

98% of all network marketers have extraordinarily high levels of empathy and intuition. They cannot, in good conscience, violate someone’s space. Sadly, extroverted leaders almost always identify this intuition as fear and encourage the very actions that violate. When this advice is followed it creates “icky feelings,” and a cessation of recruitment activity.

In the network marketing profession I have been teaching people a principle we call Intrinsic Validation—how to step into a person’s world, take down walls of resistance, and create connection. When we teach how to Intrinsically Validate a person—notice, listen, create a safe place, discover needs and invite—these individuals experience natural, comfortable, genuine and authentic conversations.

97% also have an extraordinary ability to vividly visualize. Many have been beaten up by life, and as a result have a secret desire and real intention of finding a life of ease—a life without stress, pain, challenges, or debt. Most, then, use their gift of vivid visualization to engage in fantasy, catastrophe, or counterfeit forms of mental pleasure.

Tragically, the messages provided by many companies, innocent or intentional, only foster the destructive proclivity to engage in fantasy—a vivid focus on what we will do with the money after it is manifest versus focusing on how to create it by serving others.

There is so much confusion in literature about how to use the gift of vivid visualization to ignite passion, drive action and create dreams. We desperately need to understand how to do it and—as importantly—how to avoid messages that foster fantasy.

I believe it is up to the network marketing profession to create affordable training and coaching opportunities for individuals to identify and maximize these two great gifts.

What we know is this: 98% have the capacity to become master connectors, 97% have the capacity to use vivid visualization constructively to ignite their passion and drive their actions. Free will applies. Not all will respond. But anything over the dismal 2% would be revolutionary.

The only remaining question is this: are we more focused on urgency and short-term profits or on lifting and building human beings, individuals who will be loyal customers and business builders for years to come?

To distributors who share my love for the profession let us share these truths:

1. When we chase money, it runs. When it does we get discouraged.

2. When we serve and create value everywhere we go and with everyone we meet, money flows.

3. When we discover how to focus on people first, connection occurs. We never burn bridges with friends or relatives. The NFL Club—No Friends Left—should only exist for the uniformed or greedy.

4. We will have the courage to measure our thoughts and maximize our strengths and radically alter our unhealthy habits of thinking—and experience the results.

5. We understand that no one gets to skip the work of creation. We understand that we can use our gift of vivid visualization constructively and do the work of creation passion-driven or we can engage in fantasy and the work will be boring, mundane and difficult.

6. This is a worthy profession. We understand that at the core of networking are two human beings—ourselves and the person with whom we are connecting. We will want the very best for both.

The Intentional Creation Assessment is at the heart of identifying the strengths we will want to maximize and the habits of thinking that have been sabotaging our efforts. The affordable online and self-directed Intentionally Creation Coaching Program (which is supported by live group coaching calls with me) provides the principles, practices and processes needed to do so. Let us focus on changing our cry so that success can be ours. Let us be Intentional Creators of our lives!

The first part of the article tells more about the assessment.   Take the Assessment.

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