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“I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment. Just give me your 60-second elevator pitch.”

October 18, 2012

An “elevator pitch” is what sales pros call their 60-second presentation.  And a lot of times, that’s all the time you have to capture and hold someone’s attention: the time it takes an elevator to take you up…or down.

Think of it this way: the evening news is a 12-minute news hole stretched to 30 with ads and the weather. People who are prettier and more popular than you take just 12 minutes to tell a story that has world nuclear holocaust as its subject!

That’s why you need a 60-second presentation of your Direct Selling product and opportunity. A lot of times, that’s all the time you got!

To develop an effective 60-second “elevator pitch,” international sales leader Carmine Gallo says you only need to answer 4 questions, each in no more than 2 sentences:

What do you do?
Make this Twitter friendly: 140 characters. The closer you come to making it short, the closer you come to describing your product and service in terms someone is ready to receive and understand.

What problem do you solve?
This should be your company story, whether it’s about the product or the opportunity. But it’s gotta be fast!

How is your product or service different?
Know the competition, and be sure your story doesn’t sound the same. There are about a dozen “jungle juices” out there, but you need to be different, special; so sound that way.

Why should I care?
You should have no more than 3 reasons why your potential customer or distributor should want to listen to you, why not listening will cost them more than their time!

You know your company. You know your products. You know the compensation plan.

But knowing it is not the same as saying it in 60 seconds!  When you have the opportunity to tell your story, or when someone is trying to put you on the spot, if you can say it in 60 seconds, not only will you know, but you will look like you do!

Answer the 4 questions right, and you’ll be ready to turn 60 seconds into success!

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