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Episode 42: Maria Osipova on Digital Transformation in Direct Sales


Did you get a chance to look at Penny’s report on digital transformations happening around the direct sales industry? The information they revealed was so fascinating, we had to get them on the podcast to talk about it. We wanted to know how they conducted their survey, who responded, how they worked to present the data they collected.

Our guest is Maria Osipova, VP of Marketing at Penny. If you haven’t heard of them, Penny is a virtual assistant for consultants and an enterprise platform for corporate that provides data about the field.

We had a wonderful time talking to Maria. This episode is packed with information. Here are a few of the topics we covered:

  • The new customer focus in the direct sales industry and how the digital side of the business supports that
  • The need for training for distributors to operate intelligently in the digital world
  • How presenters fail to engage people—the dreaded death by powerpoint
  • How China is leading the way in livestream commerce and what lessons we can take from them
  • How influencer culture dovetails to direct sales
  • How vulnerability, empathy, and “realness” boost sales

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