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Does your heart race every time you try to ask for a sale? This type of anxiety can hold you back from growing your business. It is important to practice your sales technique as to not withhold product purchases from any prospective customers. Developed by consultative selling expert Al Patey, the Paradigm Sales Training App is yet another exciting tool for direct marketers looking to improve selling performance. This easy-to-use app taps into a highly effective sales technique; piggyback questioning. Learn how to complete a needs assessment by asking strategic questions that target specific terms. How many times have you spoken to a sales professional and felt they had a high level of understanding about your need and desires regarding a product or service? Most likely, the salesperson used this skill of asking “the right questions” also known as piggyback questioning.

The app delivers information in a simple way, using visually stimulating graphics, videos, and interactive listening to practice statements. This is meant to teach the technique with multiple learning styles, while providing near real time feedback. Once you have completed the program, you will have access to interactive features, including voice recognition software, to practice and improve upon the skills you have learned. Respond to prerecorded questions by posing piggyback questions and receive instant audible feedback.

At, we are very impressed with the simple yet effective manner in which the Paradigm Sales Training App educated users about this approach to direct selling. If you are in need of basic sales pitch coaching, we encourage you to test the Paradigm Sales Training App for yourself.

Price: $2.99

Key Features:

A library of sales training modules that help you:

  • Recognize and respond to key terms in prospect problem statements.
  • Ask strategic questions to connect with and assist prospects.
  • Conduct a thorough needs assessment.
  • Put your sales skills to the test. Grade: 3 out of 5

For this price this app provides great information and interactive features. However you will likely need to explore additional resources to improve upon other areas of your sales cycle.

If you are interested in learning more about the Paradigm Sales Training App, visit the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

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