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Charlie Cook

Articles by Charlie Cook

  • December 23, 2014

    Explaining What You Do In 15 Seconds

    You're in the elevator and your friend John introduces you to Barbara who is the CEO of one of the companies you'd like to do business with. Barbara asks, "What do you do?” Here is your... Read more

  • October 2, 2013

    5 Breakthrough Marketing Ideas

    You hear a lot about breakthroughs; is it all hype, or can you really create a breakthrough in your marketing and sales? I know that you can. I spent last weekend skiing in Vermont with m... Read more

  • September 28, 2013

    When Is the Best Time to Make a Sale?

    Do you know when the best time is to help your prospects make their first purchase? Timing is everything in marketing. Get it wrong and you can't get your prospects' attention. Get it ri... Read more