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Deb Bixler

Deb Bixler resides in Middlbrook, VA. She retired from the corporate world in 1999 to enjoy life as an entrepreneur. In the first 9 months in the direct sales industry she built a sales team and cash flow which provided her with income capable of replacing her corporate business salary of $80,000 per year.

Deb achieved the top honors offered in her company in personal sales every year for 7 years in a row and earned the President’s Club 5 of those 7 years. This prestigious award goes to only the top 20 of the 67,000 sales representatives in the company.

A lifelong study of the art, science, and passion of eating good-for-you food has given Deb a vast knowledge of food and healthy living choices. She is a trained chef with an associate’s degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and has an associate’s degree in hotel/restaurant management. Deb knows more about food than anyone you have ever met.

With a 30 year career in the hospitality field, she has a broad experience customer relations, team building, sales techniques and business systems. As an entrepreneurial educator, Deb teaches systems and best business practices that, when incorporated into any business, will result in consistent cash flow. Her specific areas of expertise are in home party plan and direct sales education.

At sales training meetings Deb teaches systems of best business practices that, when applied to any business, will result in success. Her direct sales presentations focus on professionalism, the power of positive thoughts and actions, how to create cash flow and success strategies and systems which result in success in home businesses and sales fields. On the health side Deb takes her 30 years of healthy living and a passion for food and teaches living skills to improve the quality of life for families through taking advantage of the American freedom of choice. Deb teaches eating and living skills to create solutions for average people in the hectic 21st century.

Articles by Deb Bixler

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