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Gery DiMarco

Founding member - The Association of Network Marketing Professionals-Independent Vitamark Partner

Gery DiMarco has a long affiliation with the direct sales and home based business professions. First introduced to the concept in the early 1980’s he went on to experience both successes and set backs. It’s in the setbacks, he says, that we often find keys to even greater successes. He began studying the traits that made for successful opportunities and successful business owners, a study that led him to understand the need to develop more as a person was as important as the abilities of any company he might select. His findings also led him to partner with Vitamark International in business, a company that shared his own values and mission, yet continued to assist others across the industry in the hopes of making the profession stronger and more attractive to those looking for the solutions it can provide.

Gery’s reputation for keen insight and a common sense approach to the changing dynamics of business combined with his great wit and outlook on life has helped inspire and provide results for teammates and industry peers alike. He is a founding member in The Association of Network Marketing Professionals, has been a featured interview guest on home based business talk shows and an advisor on leadership teams within company organizations. The father of two young adults, he also serves on the Board of Management of the local YMCA branch in Garland TX , just outside of Dallas, where he lives with his wife Marsha.

Contact Info:

614 Weeping Willow Rd.

Garand, TX 75044

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