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Jake Dempsey

Jake Dempsey is the co-founder and CEO of Project Broadcast. He has 20+ total years of software development experience, including a decade of experience working directly in the network marketing and direct sales industry. Dempsey’s primary mission is to develop and deploy bundled products and tools that help network marketing and direct sales professionals successfully scale their entrepreneurial business ventures. Prior to co-founding Project Broadcast, he served as the CEO of StarterStep LLC, a leading web and mobile app development company leveraging leading edge technologies for clientele in multiple industries. Dempsey brings a lead engineer focus to software development in the network marketing and direct sales marketplace, with a clear understanding of how to apply agile methodologies and the technological advancements that move the needle among entrepreneurial-focused professionals.

About Project Broadcast

Project Broadcast is a software solutions developer that provides a bundled suite of app-based and platform communications tools designed to help entrepreneurs scale their individual business pursuits. These mass communication tools were custom designed to support the needs of direct sellers and network marketing professionals at an affordable price point. The platform suite solution and associated tools can be utilized for desktop and mobile-app usage to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace. Today, more than 50 network marketing/direct sales companies and over 50,000 entrepreneurs use Project Broadcast. Request a product demo here, visit