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Janet Mueller

Who Am I

A regular person with a vision, a calling in life and a deep passion and commitment to helping YOU, meeting you where you are now and partnering with you, helping you to achieve the personal success in life that you want so you can live the lifestyle you deserve.

I want to know WHY you want the kind of success you want and what is it that drives you?

As a kid growing up in England, my dream was to return to the US one day. I made a decision to create a better life for my future family. When I told my friends about my dream-vision they laughed and said “you won’t go, you can’t.”

Here I am wet behind the ears, sitting on a one way flight from Manchester, UK to Orlando, Florida full of hope, excitement and on my way to fulfill a dream. I managed to seek out an opportunity and land myself an interview with one of the top global direct sales companies. Sorry no silver platter or phone calls out of the blue demanding my immediate services in sunny Florida.

The gentleman sitting next to me on the plane asked “So what will you do if you don’t get the Job?”

My response was “What do you mean…”

In the moment you decide that you want MORE, you want to make a change, you know what to do.

Why work with me as your coach?

#1 reason to work with me, or any coach for that matter, is that you have made a decision that you want more, and you are serious about making a change/s so you can achieve the success you want, and live the lifestyle you desire.

My style of coaching may or may not be right for you. If it is then you are good with the following:

  • A kick in the butt
  • Don’t mind being asked tough questions
  • Open to being coached
  • Willing to do the work
  • Willing to be accountable
  • Deep desire to create lasting change

I also bring to the table

  •  A personal investment in a service that I provide because I have and do experience the value it provides.
  • Holistic style coach specific training, from an accredited coach training program.
  • A passion and purpose for helping you succeed
  • 10+ years leading from the trenches day in day out prospecting and recruiting 10-16 people a week and teaching people just like you to do the same.
  • Leadership from the field not some ivory tower.
  • Business owner/entrepreneur.
  • School of hard knocks no fancy letters after my name.

In the moment you decide you want more, I will be honored to work with you. To learn how click here

To you and your unstoppable success!

Articles by Janet Mueller

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