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Ken & Dannette Kroll

As relative “Newbies” to the direct sales business we started out thinking this might be a good way to make some new friends, have some fun, and if we were fortunate, earn enough money to make a monthly car payment or so. Today, we both work part-time in our direct sales business (Duh! Business LLC) and are making more money than we imagined. We have all heard these stories before and we’re proud to say it’s now our story too…and it could be yours! The lessons we learned, however, were quite different from the many we had heard and read about. Through lots of trial and effort, we quickly learned the key to reaching high levels of success for us was primarily associated with becoming really good at team building. You see, by focusing on Team building we get the double whammy effect of high sales growth driven by Team growth and then multiplied many times over as our Team and their Team’s Downline Multiplier Effect kicked in. More importantly, we gained the humble satisfaction of knowing we were making a difference in so many other peoples’ lives. It is amaaazing how motivational that can be!In today’s Internet age, we are blessed to be able to reach so many people in fabulous ways using “no-to-low” cost methods…anyone can afford to do it. And as you will see, by learning and applying these proven approaches for developing your Team, you too can achieve the rich rewards you desire with a direct sales business of your own. Once you have a sound approach to building and educating your downline Team, they are in a position to grow and prosper from your wisdom and that of everyone else on your Team – we call that PeerShare.Our Team motto is Learn, Collaborate, and Share. Our role is to provide the mechanisms to make that happen and we feel blessed to be in a position to share with you how you can make this a reality in your world. Given our backgrounds as an educator and business manager responsible for Internet strategies, we are in a unique position to pull together the key facets of a Team building program that removes geographic and time zone limitations while addressing the many differing learning and motivating styles you will encounter.We would love to show you how we did it and how you can make it work for your very own direct sales business.

Articles by Ken & Dannette Kroll

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