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Michael S. Clouse

Michael S. Clouse
Editor-in-Chief, Nexera e-News.
Former Editor-in-Chief, Upline(r) Journal.

University of Illinois at Chicago Certified Network Marketing Professional.

Author of Future Choice, Building Your Empire, Seven Prospecting Secrets, Business Is Booming!

In addition to over 50 published articles on the subject of Network Marketing, Michael S. Clouse is the author of numerous books and CD programs on the subject of Network Marketing. An internationally recognized Network Marketing expert, Michael is a well respected business consultant, personal success coach, and a dynamic educational speaker. His weekly newsletter is read by tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals around the world.

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Articles by Michael S. Clouse

  • June 6, 2012

    The 90-Day Success Cycle

    In network marketing, we have a constant and predictable cycle we need to follow. I call it the 90-Day Success Cycle. Let's review it, keeping in mind that our number one goal is to keep the... Read more

  • November 8, 2011

    How To Effectively Tell Your Story

    So how can you ensure that you're ready to contribute with your powerful and effective stories? Consider putting into practice the following four-point plan: Every distributor needs t... Read more

  • October 3, 2011

    Five Ways To Heat Up Your Cold Distributors

    Author Michael S. Clouse outlines The Sponsoring Rule of Five—his way to light a fire under distributors who have "gone cold." Water has always fascinated me. Freeze it, thaw it out and... Read more