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Terrel Transtrum

A respected advisor to MLM and Party Plan companies, Terrel has impacted the lives of customer service reps, executives, and hundreds of thousands of distributors in more than 300 companies through training, mentoring, designing, and implementing best practices for MLM and Home Party Plan companies. Terrel’s career in MLM began with Melaleuca, where he served for 5 years and was in charge of customer service operations during the company’s growth cycle from $6 million in annual sales to over $220 million. He then served as VP of Operations for Quorum International during the time the company grew from $4 million monthly to $22 million per month. Since then, he has launched, advised and developed CEOs and presidents, with an intense focus on implementing distributor service and retention strategies. 

Terrel Transtrum is the founder of ServiceQuest® and co-founder of LaunchSmart™. As a network marketing consultant he also specializes in startup consulting for party plan companies, multilevel marketing, MLM and network marketing. He is an experienced advisor in MLM software, network marketing legal, party plan business, distributor recruiting and retention, operations and fulfillment and MLM legal.

Terrel co-developed the LaunchSmart Total Success System, which provides the proven best practices for launching and growing a direct selling company–including tools, training, coaching, consulting, and expert resources. He has an accounting degree from BYU, a law degree from the University of Idaho, and an LL.M. (Masters in Tax Law) from the University of Miami.

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