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Nine Essential Players Your Team Needs To Create a Thriving Business


When we look towards creating a strong and thriving business, we sometimes forget we can’t do it alone. Just as a baseball team has essential players each with their own role all working together to win the championship game, so too must you have all the necessary players in your business. No one person can cover all the bases without feeling tired and stressed, which is why a good team learns the dynamics of each of the nine players and works towards emphasizing each other’s strengths. So who are the key players that can help you reach the success you are dreaming about and help ensure you create a thriving business?


Opening a bank account is an easy process, but taking the time to truly get to know your banker and to become visible to him/her is essential to good business growth. With the onset of online banking and ATMs, we have lost that personal touch in a number of cases. Many times, spending some time with and getting to know your banker can be an important step in creating a thriving business. Your banker can suggest products and services to replace or enhance the services you already have.


A lawyer is a good person to have on your team even if he/she is not someone that you use frequently. At the very least, your lawyer can assist you to create the necessary contracts to protect you from possible lawsuits. Another thing your lawyer can do is be the sound of reason during a tough situation and provide you with the information to make the best decisions for you and your business.


Many of us like to prepare our own income taxes, especially when we are a small business and just starting out. By consulting an accountant and bringing him/her onto your team, you can learn what it takes to maintain proper accounting records, and what deductions are or are not acceptable in your business.

Insurance Agent

Business insurance is an important investment to make in your business. Before starting any business, you should consult with an insurance agent to ensure you are covered for any eventuality. If you are in business already and don’t have an insurance agent on your team, now is the time to find one. As they say, “Better safe than sorry.”


Who is it that you look up to? Who inspires you to make the business decisions you make? Every successful business owner can tell you the name of the person or persons who fill that role for them. Many may not have personally met their mentor and others may have a mentor who is not necessarily a business owner themselves. Your mentor will become a valuable player in providing you with a direction for your business.


The person you utilize to fulfill the role of coach may or may not be a professional. The coach role I am talking about is the person who gives you the push to think further and harder. That individual is the person you go to with your ideas and who provides you with support and encouragement to make your dreams come true. After all, if we aren’t working towards fulfilling a dream for our business, why be in business at all?

Supportive Family

A supportive family is one of the most essential elements in your business success. Having someone to stand behind you through the ups and downs of your business and cheer you on towards success will be the key to truly creating a thriving business.

An Assistant

We can truly never go it alone if we want to create a thriving business. You need to have an assistant even if it is simply someone who helps you when you are sick or on vacation. Your assistant could take the role of employee, subcontractor, spouse, virtual assistant. Or, perhaps he/she could do something as simple as record an answering machine message or set an autoresponder to answer your messages during absences.


Finally, we have gotten to the most important player in creating your successful team. Without you, your business would lack the vision, determination, and skills to go the distance.

Keep in mind that even if you are playing more than one position at any one time, the roles and requirements for a successful business team never change. By ensuring your business has at least one of each of these players, you will have truly created a thriving business and are well on the way to winning the championship game!

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