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The Case for a Chief Compensation Officer

Kenny 3-1

In the August issue of Direct Selling News, InfoTrax Systems Vice President of Commissions Operations, Kenny Rawlins, makes a compelling argument for the inclusion of a chief compensation officer (CCO) on the executive team of every direct selling company.

Last year’s Vemma injunction and the recent Herbalife settlement are shifting the legal landscape of the direct sales industry. Many companies are asking, “How do these events affect my compensation plan?”

Kenny addresses this question while also providing valuable insights into how a CCO can design and maintain an effective compensation plan tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Think of it this way: In the direct selling industry, distributor compensation is the largest single expense for any company, consuming an average 40 percent of revenue. Find out how a CCO can use real data to ensure that you spend that money wisely, with compensation strategies that motivate the behaviors necessary for your company’s success.

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