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Podcast 40: The Relaunch of with Mark Rawlins


The Podcast has been on hiatus for two years. Today, we relaunch with a new series of podcasts bringing you information and insights about the world of direct selling. Whether you’re new here or a long time reader, we want to welcome you to join our new host, Nancy Tobler, as she digs in to the issues that matter to today direct sales company.

relaunch of

On this special, relaunch episode, Mark Rawlins, longtime owner of, joins us to talk about the state of the industry. Mark and Nancy discuss:

  • Mark’s history as an entrepreneur and thought leader in the direct sales space
  •’s long history, going all the way back to 1997
  • The mission behind the relaunch of
  • The philosophy behind Mark’s new company MLM Compensation Consulting (MLM-CC)
  • The revolution direct sales is undergoing as we rush to serve customers in online spaces
  • The effect COVID has had on direct selling online
  • The unique characteristics that have kept direct sales relevant in the age of Amazon

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