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Training distributor’s use of social media in being connected

Podcast Episode 47

Article by: Maria Osipova | VP of Marketing at Penny
Nancy Tobler | Data Analyst, MLM Compensation Consulting
November 17, 2021

For this episode of The Podcast, we are delighted to invite a previous podcast guest to return: Maria Osipova. Maria presents her ideas on training distributors. Maria was featured on the podcast in Episode 42. She provided insights into the need for distributor training. In the last podcast, Maria noted how direct sales can be influenced and assisted by digital use. In addition, she discussed influencer culture, and how to promote human connection (via empathy and validation) to increase sales. 

Maria is known for building exceptional digital experiences, primarily through her work as the VP of Marketing for Penny AI (a virtual assistant for consultants and an enterprise platform that provides field data for corporations). Maria’s work with Penny AI has created a brand that enables consultants to successfully grow their business.

In this episode, Maria continues the discussion surrounding the importance of training distributors. She discusses using social/digital media to increase awareness of a product being sold. Maria highlights the need for a distributor’s social media use to remain relatable and connected to their sellers. She focuses on how person-ability can be used to build trust and an increased customer base for any products being sold.

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Maria Osipova | VP of Marketing at Penny


Known for building exceptional digital experiences, Maria Osipova, VP of Marketing joined Penny AI to create a...

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Nancy Tobler | Data Analyst, MLM Compensation Consulting


Nancy Tobler has a PhD in organizational communication from the University of Utah. She...

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