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Using Email to Generate Customers for MLM Companies


There is an age-old question in network marketing that asks, “Whose job is it to create leads? Is it a corporate job or is it a distributor’s job?”

I believe it’s both.

There are multiple ways to generate customers including:

  • Print media
  • Radio
  • TV ads or infomercials
  • Direct mail
  • Sampling programs
  • Internet campaigns via email

Today I want to focus on email campaigns via the internet.

There are three major keys to success in any internet marketing campaign—I call it the rule of three: Test, test, test. Success or failure in a single campaign means nothing, however. This is about testing and about averaging.

The first thing you need to do in an internet campaign is use a quality, qualified email broadcaster. To me, qualified means they are qualified and registered with all the search engines out there to get the leads through to the readers.

Second: good quality, cost-effective leads are a very important part of the campaign. You may have to buy leads from different vendors until you find the lead list that works best for your campaign.

Third: the subject line of the e-mail is critically important. It is what determines how this email will go through the spam filters. It’s what determines, once it gets through the spam filter, how many people will open it.

Back to the idea of test, test, test.

You have to use the qualifying tools in the marketplace, and any good email broadcaster can help you with that. The tools I recommend have the ability to look at that subject line and instantly tell you how it’s going to go through the spam filters.

The email you use has to be well-written, short and to-the-point. The purpose of this is, once we get someone to open it based on the subject line, we want people to read it quickly. The email should have a few links in it for free sample; click here for more information, click here to buy. Those links will allow multiple opportunities for someone to click and go through to the landing page.

The next important element in the process is the landing page.

It is vital to give good testimonials and information on the landing page for your product – but not too much information. We only want to tell them enough so they’ll give us their contact information to get more product information.

The very best landing page offers something free. It could be a free sample of your product, a free report, a free month of a service. The advantage of free is that people will give us their name, address, and good contact information if they know we’re sending something to them.

Once you have put together the elements of the campaign, go back to my first three keys to success and test, test, test. You run 5,000 to 10,000 emails at a time. Test how it works on certain days, certain times of the day—try weekends, and holiday weekends to determine, for your product, when is the best time.

Do all of that with small-volume tests, so you can determine what the best time to do your broadcasting is. After that, turn the volume up and start doing 100,000-plus emails at a time.

Once that’s happening and you’re generating leads, the final key to your success is to correctly follow up with your customers. It’s important that somebody is following up well with these people. I even like calling them, thanking them for their interest, telling them their sample’s on the way.

Follow-up is how you’ll turn email recipients into customers, those customers into ongoing customers and ongoing customers into good distributors or affiliates for your program.

Jeff Jordan has a lengthy history building organizations in network marketing. He currently works as a consultant with Jordan and Associates in Phoenix, AZ.

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