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ByDesign Technologies

9503 Princess Palm Ave,
Tampa, FL 33619


As the industry’s most trusted MLM software development company, the team at ByDesign has successfully launched nearly 1,000 clients. Our team will provide you with the insight, best practices, and lessons learned from all our client launches. Our experienced team can easily customize our software and solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Jerry began his career as a distributor, and gained tremendous success building one of the fastest organizations in the history of his company. It wasn’t long before, he and his wife, Patricia, (Trish), adopted two beautiful boys — Harrison and Hayden. The four of them had a shared dream of helping those less fortunate, and they delivered food, clothing and other necessities to members of their community every Sunday after church. Inspired by the experience of “doing well by doing good”, together, they launched a direct marketing company, and Jerry discovered his true passion for service. With a deep understanding of the tools that were needed on both the distributor and corporate side, Jerry was recruited to the software side of our business. His search for true innovation led him to ByDesign Technologies in 2004. Since then, every day he has woken up with a smile on his face knowing that today he would get to help wonderful people get closer to realizing their dream in direct selling.