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bydesign provides compensation plan payout software.

Avalara provides tax compliance software for direct selling companies.

Adams Resource Group provides clear, focused growth strategies for direct selling companies.

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Essential Software Customizations for MLM, Direct Selling, and Affiliate E-commerce

by MLM

Navigating the changing landscape of e-commerce, particularly within MLM, direct selling, and affiliate marketing channels, requires more…

How to Ensure Your Compensation Plan and Software Work Well Together

by Daryl Wurzbacher

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Batman and Robin. Everybody knows these famous pairings work well…

Photo of Jeff Jordan

Podcast 53: Advantages Using an Interim VP of Sales for Direct Selling Companies

by Jeff Jordan

Today we welcome a returning guest of this podcast: Jeff Jordan. Jeff has also written articles for…

The Rise of Social Commerce

by Daryl Wurzbacher

5 Things DTC Sellers Need to Know Social commerce continues to grow, with sales in the U.S….

Episode 59: New trends in customer programs in 2023

by Daryl Wurzbacher

In today’s podcast, Daryl Wurzbacher shares fascinating insights in what he sees are industry trends like customer…

Episode 44: Things to Consider When Choosing an MLM Software Provider

by Jerry York

In this episode, we discuss mlm compensation plan software with Jerry York. Are you looking for a…

Employee Engagement Research Report: Gallup Study of the State of the Global Workplace 2022

by Nancy Tobler

I was reading a recent Gallup report on the state of the global workplace and employee engagement….

Photo of Jake Dempsey

Using today’s social media tools to build a direct selling business

by Jake Dempsey

Jake Dempsey of Project Broadcast gives us insight on how social media technology has changed the landscape…

Where in the World are Direct Sellers in 2021?

by Jana Bangerter

Is your company in multiple markets? Do you want it to be? Many direct selling companies do…

Data Analytics: The Key to Business Decisions

by J.Michael Palka

Data analytics is one of the most important tools for any business currently. It greatly helps any…

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