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38 Fun and Easy Ways to Market Your MLM Business Online


1. Start a blog. Blogging is becoming so popular! With all the fun graphics, layouts, and free tools, it is quickly becoming one of the best ways as well as the most fun to market your business online.

2. Find a few message boards or forums where people with like-minded interests hang out and actively participate on a regular basis with a catchy signature file.

3. Host an online party. There are many websites which offer this service and you can host a party for cheap. And, it takes very little work to prepare.

4. Collect email addresses from your friends, family, and contacts and send them periodic reminders or news bites about your business. Make sure you remove anyone who asks to be removed and avoid sending email to anyone who you either do not know or who has not opted in to your list.

5. Offer a free ecourse. You can send out as few as five or as many as a hundred short messages on any topic about which you think there is a reasonable amount of interest.

6. Write articles on topics about which you are knowledgeable and passionate, and post them in article directories or submit them to websites.

7. Start a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. Make it interesting and full of useful tips.

8. Create one or more online videos. Videos are much easier to produce than you think. You can buy a flip camera that plugs and plays into your computer or use a webcam. Record your video and then upload it to Youtube and other sites.

9. Start a podcast. You can use either a free or paid service to do this and you can read your articles for episodes, create new content, or interview someone.

10. Create Squidoo lenses on various topics.

11. Use Twitter.

12. Use Facebook.

13. Create some hubs at hubpages.

14. Write guest posts for other blogs.

15. Be interviewed on Internet radio shows.

16. Offer a free ebook or report.

17. Share your knowledge on

18. Share your favorite books at

19. Offer a free drawing or contest.

20. Stir up controversy on social bookmarking sites.

21. Create a catchy and fun splash page and use the URL everywhere.

22. Take full advantage of your email signature link and always use it.

23. Purchase cheap text link ads on other web pages.

24. Create a “you” brand.

25. Create some fun and free banners and put them on other websites or on your own.

26. Create a scavenger hunt with questions about your business and offer a prize.

27. Upload slide shows to

28. Survey your website visitors.

29. Use Stumbleupon.

30. Write and post book reviews.

31. Create a catchy business logo and include it on all your websites and blogs.

32. Create a catchy business jingle or phrase and include it in your websites.

33. Consider using your business card in your email.

34. Work at least a little bit on marketing your business online very day.

35. Be creative and come up with new ideas.

36. Use images on your websites, blogs, and other online marketing.

37. Read books about online marketing to get new ideas.

38. Have a positive attitude and an attitude primed for success.

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