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Mark Rawlins

Founder, MLM Compensation Consulting

Mark brings extensive experience to the industry. Mark began work in the direct selling arena in 1981. He has built two MLM software companies, InfoTrax and 2021. Mark is recognized as one of the pioneers in the MLM software business. He retired from running a software company and now focuses on helping companies to design and analyze compensation plans. Mark has written two books on MLM compensation, Understanding Multi-Level Commissions and Their Role in a Successful Company and From Commission Plan to Compensation Strategy. He has authored over 60 articles on and written for Direct Selling News. Mark has worked with every possible compensation type. Nothing surprises Mark. He has worked with hundreds of company’s compensation plans and business plans.   Mark provides the overall compensation plan analysis and seeing the results of bonus commission plans.  

If you need help with your compensation plan design or analytics, contact or 801-416-3648 or

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