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Rule One: You’ve Got to Put in the Work


It was in my early days that I learned the basics of the network marketing industry.

One important element—which we need to do on a daily basis—is use the product. Particularly in the consumables marketplace, it was in my best interest to use the product myself so I could identify the results that I got from using the product. Once I felt comfortable with the product and its results, I could get busy creating my network.

My strategy is to start with a list of everybody I know who wants to look better, feel better, have more energy and maybe make some money. Then what you do is you put this list together and you get people to look.

What you’re looking for is something that’s simple, easy and fun, and then it becomes duplicable. The simpler it is, the easier it is, the more fun it is, the more duplicable it becomes.

Another critical component to successful MLM work is getting the product to make sense. You can use all types of different ways to get the message across. In fact, you should never stop getting it to make more and more sense, making it clearer and clearer to the people that you get involved.

Once they get to that point, my goal is to get them into action: we want to get people to look at our business. Then we want to help them to get it to make sense, and help them to get these people to make a decision.

When I started in the business 31 years ago, they called this process teach to teach. You tell people, you show them, they try it; and once they can do it they become a doer—you’re trying to duplicate your efforts. The more people you get to look, the more times you get this to make sense, the more you help people to make the right decision.

Another thing I learned early in my career is that in life, you only have to be 51 percent right to be successful. It’s the people that will not make decisions who will have a hard time becoming successful.

Once those decisions have been made it’s time to get people into action. This is where most people drop the ball. One of my mentors called it the key to the vault because once they say yes, you get into action, and you help them to work their list and to get the exposures.

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