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Seven Steps to Success in the MLM Industry


It was my great pleasure to work with Eric Worre to help improve my skills in the MLM business. The following are what he calls the seven skills to success in the network marketing profession.

Finding prospects

Many people in our business believe that if they know a lot of people, they can have a lot of success. Many also believe that if they don’t know many people, they don’t have a chance. While that may sound logical it’s not.

When I started in this industry, I started as what we call a “poser.” Posers start out making a mental list of four, five or six people and they base their whole career on those folks. One step up is what I call the amateur–someone who makes a list of about 100 people and starts systematically going through the list.

About five years ago, I became a professional. At that point I made a list of about 300 people and I added two people to my list every day. As a professional, I understand that I’m never going to run out of people because there are about 7 billion people on the planet.

Invite prospects to your product or opportunity

This is the gateway skill to our network marketing industry. If you aren’t successful in getting anyone to take a look, your future may be very dim in the industry. One of the important things about the invitation I use is very simple: compliment the prospect.

Presenting your products

You always want to use third-party tools such as Powerpoint when doing your presentations. The worst way to explain your business in a tight setting is winging it. I use tools all the time to do my presenting. When I’m at a big event I will make an exception, but I usually have tools to use.

The follow up, and the fortune

You probably have heard people say, “The fortune is in the follow up.” I learned that when you are following up with people, you want to do what you say you are going to do. The only reason to have an exposure is to set up the next exposure; once I expose someone to the industry, I follow up with them.

About 80 percent of people will join the industry between the fourth and sixth exposure. I will show people what we’re doing to make sure they have a good understanding. I like to educate them and make sure they understand what we’re doing.

Helping close the deal

This is demonstrating how to ask someone for their credit card information or money to get started. It is critical to close the deal if you are going to continue forward.

Getting prospects on the right path

You always want to make sure you get people started correctly. I have learned to have a game plan with people. Find out why they are in the business and stay focused on their “why.” There will be some ups and some downs, but if people are convinced that their “why” is big enough, their “how” doesn’t matter.

Promoting events

Don’t just announce events: promote events.

Meetings make money. There’s a lot of technology available, but events and promoting those events are what drive the business.

Often an event provides social proof. As human beings, we are wired to seek proof from sources outside our own thoughts and experience. At events you can see other people who have made the same decision you have, providing affirmation and good feelings.


When I learned these seven skills, at first I didn’t realize they were skills I must learn to become a network marketing professional.

Read or get a copy of Eric Worre’s book, Go Pro: Seven Skills to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional. Once you master these skills you will move swiftly to becoming a professional.

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