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The 90-Day Success Cycle

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In network marketing, we have a constant and predictable cycle we need to follow. I call it the 90-Day Success Cycle. Let’s review it, keeping in mind that our number one goal is to keep the main thing the main thing. And what is the main thing? Simply this: How many times today will your company’s story be told by you, by one of your distributors, by a 3rd-party tool, or by an event? Learn to track that, and you can build a financial wall around your family nothing can get through.

The 90-Day Success Cycle looks like this:

  1. Your daily appointments feed into your weekly events.
  2. Your weekly events feed into your monthly trainings.
  3. Your monthly trainings feed into your quarterly regional conferences.
  4. Your quarterly conferences complete The 90-Day Success Cycle, after which the cycle is repeated again.

Let’s put some numbers (or people) to this and discuss the psychology behind them:

  1. Your daily appointments include you, your prospect, and (perhaps) your workout partner—for a maximum of three people. The presentations are 15 to 30 minutes long and are designed to advance your prospect to the next event. Your daily appointments feed into your weekly team conference calls, home meetings, or hotel opportunity events.
  2. Your weekly events include you, two to ten guests, and your workout partner (or someone to give the presentation) for a maximum of twelve people. These presentations are about 30 to 45 minutes long. They are designed to enroll your prospects or to further your prospects’ interest to attend your next event, as some of them may still want more information. Your weekly events feed into your monthly trainings.
  3. Your monthly trainings should include all distributors within a four-hour drive. They should be conducted by as many local leaders as you can easily fit on the agenda and usually include an out-of-town-expert, leader, or keynote speaker. These trainings cover the basics of the business and may include between 100 and 1,000+ distributors. Your monthly trainings feed into your quarterly regional, national, or international conferences.
  4. Your quarterly conferences complete The 90-Day Success Cycle, after which the process is then repeated. These events are usually put on by key leadership, and/or your company, and include 200 to 2,000+ distributors over a two-day period of time. They require most distributors to travel 1,000 miles or more from home. The reason you attend these regional, national, or international conferences is to transform yourself from “being in the business” to “the business being in you.” This emotional transformation is what secures your financial future.

After every major event you probably have a 90-day window of time until your next major event. This is the time to call all your key distributors and ask the following questions:

  1. Are you planning to attend the next major event?
  2. What title do you want to achieve by the next conference?
  3. What do you want to be earning by the next conference?
  4. How many distributors will be joining you at the next major event?

Keep in mind that the main reason you hold an event is to promote the next event. And you should attend every event. Get to an event of 2,000+ distributors, held over a two-day period of time, 1,000 miles away, as soon as possible! Take inventory after every major event, and then repeat The 90-Day Success Cycle.

To build a business that lasts, work in this 90-day cycle. Your prospecting and sponsoring success is the result of providing your prospects with multiple exposures over a short period of time.

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Reprinted with permission

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