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The Top 9 Ways to Grow Your MLM Business Online


Are you trying to market your network marketing business online? Or, would you like to do it but you don’t know the best ways? I have been doing it for three years and have tried everything. Here are the top nine ways I have found to be successful in marketing your MLM business online:

Write articles

Writing articles not only increases your links and search engine visibility but also establishes you as an expert. You want to make sure to write articles and submit them to directories but also to newsletters and to specific websites. Find websites which focus on your target market and write articles specifically for these websites.


Start your own blog and write a new post at least once a week. Make your posts interesting and useful to your readers. Write guest posts for other blogs as well to increase your expertise and linkage. Invite your readers to comment on your blog and take to heart what they say. Include video on your blog. Comment on other blogs with interesting and relevant comments and include a link back to your blog.

Social networking

Choose one social networking site to begin with and set a goal to meet and connect with as many people as possible. Focus on building relationships and on offering value to others. Avoid spamming and trying to make a sale. Social networking does not offer an immediate payback, but the long-term results are well worth it.

Free e-course

Offer people the chance to opt-in to receive a series of free emails all about a related topic. It can be business oriented or not. Include some business promotion in your emails without being too pushy or sales oriented.

Forums and message boards

Visit two or three of these regularly. Offer value and start interesting conversations. Build relationships with the regular visitors and include a catchy signature at the end of all of your posts. Focus on the knowledge that you can share with others.


Choose two or three specific niches within the larger category of network marketing and focus on marketing and building relationships with these people. Create one or more websites targeting these people. Offer value to them on these websites and have a specific plan on how you will reach them as well as what you will offer to them once you have made contact.

Online parties

These can be great for making sales and additional contacts. You can reserve a room for a short period of time for an inexpensive fee and you never know who will show up. It is also important to promote the party yourself for maximum success.

Branding you

Make the focus of all of your internet marketing you and not your company and products. Everyone has the same products and the same company but there is only one you. Why are you unique? Find your unique talents that you can use and offer to others, and emphasize those.

Contests and drawings

Everyone loves “free,” and you can create quite the buzz by offering a free contest or drawing. Know ahead of time exactly what the rules will be and stick to them. Make sure to choose a winner and to publicize the winner. Follow up with the rest of the entrants and offer them your products and opportunity.


How long does it take to be successful using the above online marketing strategies? It depends on how much time a week you can spend and how much money you can spend. It also varies with your experience and technology skills. Another factor is how you define success. In general, you need to allow at least a year before you will be able to run your business exclusively online. The bottom line is you can succeed in marketing your MLM business online!

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