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Will A New Network Marketing Company Make A Difference?

It is not uncommon in this industry to see a person jump from one network marketing company to another.

And although some of these moves are for prudent reasons, most often it is simply a person looking for greener pastures. Before you make that jump, I would like you to spend some time evaluating the change you are considering and the real motivations behind it.

In reality there are only a few really sound reasons for a change in network marketing companies. Things like unethical business practices, financial trouble, high corporate management turnover and bad customer service or distributor support. For these types of issues a move makes good business sense. These are the types of things that could harm not only your business, but also your reputation.

In reality the reasons most people make a business change have nothing to do with any of these issues. Generally it is an issue of mindset and training that is the real heart of the desire for a change. I consult with new distributors on a regular basis who are ready to quit when they haven’t made any money in their first two weeks of being in business. Other distributors I meet are ready to quit when they realize that this business will take a concentrated effort over an extended period of time, not just a one week effort of an hour per day. Nearly all of these MLM distributors say the same thing: “….just isn’t working for me.”

Permit me to be very candid with you. If you have entered your business with anything less than the perspective to treat it like a business, then you need to save yourself some frustration and get out now. A hobbyist mindset has never created profitability in this business or any other. If you are considering a change of network marketing company, but have not treated your current opportunity like a business, changing companies is not going to change your outcomes. You need to take a hard look at your underlying perspective on what a network marketing business really is.

The next issue that you need to evaluate is training. This can be both a mindset issue and an issue of application. I find that many of those who are struggling in network marketing are simply unteachable and unmotivated. They will complain about how their business is not working for them, yet they never seek out training that could radically change their outcomes. Instead they spend their time in search of a magic formula that will transform their business overnight. For example, I offer training opportunities to a large number of network marketers each and every week. I find that only about 15% of those I invite take advantage of those opportunities…yet they continue to struggle. Those figures are astonishing enough, but even more alarming is the fact that only about 5% of those that attend those trainings will actually make the effort to apply what was given to them.

The foundation for success in any network marketing opportunity has always been rooted in commitment, mindset and application of sound business practices. If you are unwilling to make long term commitments to your business, then a change of company won’t help. If you are unwilling to treat your business like a business, a change of company will still yield the same results. If you are unwilling to develop your skills and apply what you learn, your business will still falter, no matter what company you are involved with.

There are times when a change of network marketing company makes sense, but make sure your foundations are solid and your motivations are sound.

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