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Designing qualifications for distributor ranks and commissions

When you design a compensation plan, there are a lot of details that you have to get…

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Communicating with Gen Z

We have written about communicating across the generations on You may be wondering, what defines each…

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The Role of the Fast Start Bonus

As you’re designing your compensation plan, you may want to consider implementing a fast start bonus. Fast…

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Trends in Customer Programs

Since the Herbalife settlement and the Vemma case, the direct sales industry refocused on customer programs. Early…

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Episode 52: Growing Your Direct-Selling Business in China

Today on the Podcast, we welcome Mark Schaub. Mark has been one of the podcast’s…

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The Direct Sales Industry is Coming Full Circle

We at had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Alan in January of 2021. He provided…

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Trends in Popular MLM Compensation Plan Types

Many times, I get asked “What is the best MLM compensation plan?” The answer is “It depends.”…

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